News from January and February 2020 on Wimi

News from January and February 2020 on Wimi

news from wimi january february 2020
Posted by David Galiana, on Friday 14 February 2020, updated on Tuesday 29 November 2022

In order to satisfy our existing customers and future customers, we are continuously developing our collaborative platform. This month, we are offering changes to calendar events and adjustments to document management and manager rights, in order to improve the productivity of your teams but also to make their lives easier.

You will find below a short but detailed summary of each change.

Wimi news list – January / February 2020

  • Option to automatically delete files from trash
  • Display of user restrictions in the agenda
  • Display of events without participants in the agenda
  • Attaching a task to its task list in the calendar
  • Email notifications following the acceptance/refusal of an event
  • Evolution of manager rights

 Option to automatically delete files from the trash

suppression automatique des fichiers en corbeille

Trashed documents can take up a lot of space. In order to allow our customers to optimize their storage space, we have included a feature that, once activated, automatically deletes files that have been present in your trash for more than 90 days. No need to remove each individual document, with just one click and you can save time and storage space!

Knowledge base: How to delete a file on Wimi? (section Automatic deletion of files in the trash) (in French)

Display of user restrictions when creating an event

contraintes des collaborateurs dans l'agenda

In order to help you plan your events, we have included the option of displaying the events of other workspaces (and the one from which you have activated the filter) in which the collaborators present in your workspace are also participants.

This helps you to avoid double-booking them whilst they are already engaged in another workspace.

Knowledge base: How do I filter the events to display on my calendar? (in French)

 Display of events without participants

affichage evenement sans participant

In order to simplify the My agenda view and the calendars of your workspaces, it is now possible to hide events with no associated users. As a result, you can focus on the events in which you are a participant without being “distracted” by the rest.

As events created on Wimi have no associated participants by default, in order to avoid disrupting the prior usage of our users, this option is ticked automatically. If you do not wish to display this type of event, deselect this option.

Knowledge base: How do I filter the events to display on my calendar? (in French)

Assignment of a task to its task-list in the calendar

appartenance liste de taches dans agenda

It is now possible to see which task-lists your tasks are a part of when they are displayed in the calendar. Simply hover over the pictogram to view the name of the task-list.

Knowledge base: How do I filter the events to display on my calendar? (in French)

Email notifications when an event has been accepted/refused

Until now, notifications regarding the participation or non-participation of a user in an event were only triggered in the web-app. From now on, you will also receive this notification via e-mail.

Knowledge base: How to manage the notifications I receive on Wimi? (in French)

Evolution of manager rights

droits manager wimi

Previously, managers had the ability to create new users but could not modify/adjust their access rights, as only administrators had this right. Managers can now manage the rights of users they have directly invited.

 Knowledge base: How to manage user rights on Wimi? (in French)

For all questions relating to these new features, our support team is at your disposal via the chat present in the application. In the meantime, we are looking forward to meeting you next month.

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