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Public sector



Wimi is a solution perfectly suited to collaboration in project mode. Its simplicity and flexibility convinced us. Covid-19 and prolonged periods of remote working have amplified the need for such a solution to maintain exchanges and pursue our projects.

Daniel Coutelier
Production and Planning Coordinator, content and influence expertise department
Ministry of Ecological Transition


Wimi has freed up work in our community. Its simplicity and ergonomics have won over audiences who are not very tech-savvy and the tool is now a resounding success with all teams because it streamlines communications between municipalities.

Guillaume Croiset
IT Manager
Community of municipalities of Kochersberg


Wimi has become our common base, our point of reference within the community. We facilitate communication between the municipalities and our agents work in a more free and serene manner. I appreciate the flexibility of the tool in terms of user management, which allows us to be responsive and control our costs.

Aurélie Challes
IT and Digital Director
Community of communes Coutances Mer and Bocage

Case studies

ministere de la transition ecologique

How does the Ministry of Economic Transition use Wimi to work in project mode on its communication missions?(in french)

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How does the Ministry of Economic Transition use Wimi to work in project mode on its communication missions? (in french)

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How does Wimi free up communication and facilitate work within the Coutances Mer et Bocage community of communes? (in french)

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assemblee nationale - Wimi
senat - Wimi
creuse 1 - Wimi
region ile de france - Wimi
ministere transition ecologique solidaire - Wimi
ministere agriculture alimentation - Wimi
dinum - Wimi
communaute agglomeration la rochelle - Wimi
aife - Wimi




Wimi allows us to have constant visibility of each employee’s schedule. We appreciate its ease of use which allows our users to learn quickly. The icing on the cake: the value for money is excellent and the support is very responsive. I recommend Wimi without hesitation!

Aurélie Montbaudier
Executive secretary
So Fast So Good


Wimi is a major contributor to our digital transformation. It allows us to structure our dematerialization and better control access to our data. The platform allows us to facilitate the management of new restaurant openings and the relationship with our suppliers

Christelle Grandgirard
Administrative and Franchise Department Manager
Basilic & Co

Case study


How Wimi enables Basilic & Co to structure their digital transformation and launch new restaurants. (in french)

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basilic co - Wimi
cg packaging - Wimi
champagne virginie t - Wimi
compagnie fruitiere - Wimi
groupe le duff - Wimi
mercier groupe - Wimi
resto malin - Wimi
snpaa - Wimi
so fast so good - Wimi
wam group - Wimi




Wimi enables us to facilitate communication between staff and players, streamline data sharing, and speed up the planning of our sporting events. The budget is also very attractive with regard to the functional, rich and ergonomic scope covered by the solution.

Vincent Rodionoff
IS Project Manager – Sports Projects

Case study


How does Wimi facilitate planning and communication between players and staff of the French Rugby teams? (in french)

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handisport occitanie - Wimi
fmf 1 - Wimi
ffr 1 - Wimi
cress mayotte 1 - Wimi
avimej - Wimi
ari - Wimi
afvac 1 - Wimi
urps bretagne - Wimi
samu social paris - Wimi
retravailler sud ouest - Wimi

Banking – Insurance



Tired of information lost in emails and files strewn across your network? Wimi is a collaboration tool that helps you get rid of all of that. Organization in project mode makes it possible to centralize all information. Using Wimi means less stress and more efficiency!

Pascal Marnay
Director of Financial Risks and Performance
Groupama Asset Management


Wimi allows us to centralize our content creation and planning process. The platform gives us a clear and centralized vision of our production. I recommend it without hesitation to teams who want to gain agility and optimize their content creation process.

Laetitia Houvet
SEO manager

Case study

How does Wimi optimize the content creation process at MMA?

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generali - Wimi
ffa - Wimi
asf - Wimi
allegra finance - Wimi
swiss life - Wimi
roederer - Wimi
mma - Wimi
mfprevoyance - Wimi
groupama 2 - Wimi




We turned to Wimi when it came to finding a tool to work together. Wimi helps us have a common place of organization, to share and store files, and do internal validations. We also like to use the sharing links on the platform to improve our efficiency and traceability.

Paulo Guerreiro
Project Coordinator
The Link


Wimi allows me to follow the progress of projects and I can quickly intervene when necessary. Our clients like to connect on a personalized platform to follow the progress that’s being made, this creates a relationship of trust and gives us a considerable advantage. An essential tool for an architect!

Isabelle Raveau
Face-A Architectes

Case study


How is Wimi helping The Link project team to collaborate around the construction of the Total Group’s headquarters? (in french)

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qualitel - Wimi
leclercq associes - Wimi
kroqi - Wimi
immobiliere moulin vert - Wimi
ifpeb - Wimi
habitat region - Wimi
groupama immobilier - Wimi
fayat 1 - Wimi
domitys - Wimi
vinci - Wimi

Business – distribution



Wimi is reliable. The platform is very simple, secure, and the administration is precise. The data is really safe. Mobile applications are very practical and offer sufficient scope for monitoring. I recommend!

Bruno Marguerin
Director of Customer Service


At first, I was very skeptical about finding everything I needed, but following the migration I was reassured to see all the possibilities that Wimi offered. Today, we spend an average of two days less per project in each department.

Natalia Zapior Duque
Openings Project Manager

Case study

How does Wimi enable Sephora to coordinate store openings, renovations and closings?

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ecodia 1 - Wimi
delta - Wimi
bicicletas mercurio - Wimi
antares sellier france - Wimi
white night - Wimi
sephora 2 - Wimi
grands vins selection - Wimi
- Wimi
etna france - Wimi
equip jardin - Wimi

Events communication



Wimi is ideal for organizing events. The shared calendar allows everyone to clearly see the planning of the room in the very long term. It saves us a phenomenal amount of time on a daily basis.

Jean-Marc Poissenot
Chief Operating Officer
Paris La Defense Arena


Wimi brings together and centralizes everything that works well at Slack, Skype, Trello and Dropbox. We take advantage of an all-in-one tool to monitor and complete the agency’s client projects.

François-Xavier Rochat
IT Manager
Chic Agency


Wimi is an ideal solution for agencies wishing to gain in efficiency in the management of their projects. It is a tool that gives Profitimer credibility and strengthens our image with our customers and partners.

Jonathan Louis
E-reputation consultant

Case studies

paris la defense arena

How does Wimi support Paris La Défense Arena in the organization of its events? (in french)

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How does Wimi harmonize the communication processes within the offices (in France and internationally) of the Chic agency? (in french)

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paris la defense arena - Wimi
opixido 1 - Wimi
marsatwork - Wimi
epsilon - Wimi
compleet 1 - Wimi
chic 1 - Wimi
with up com - Wimi
strateact - Wimi
rosa park 1 - Wimi
picto - Wimi




Wimi is very intuitive software. Collaborative work is facilitated by the use of Wimi Drive which allows us to always work on the latest version of a document with collaborators and clients.

Frederique Rigopoulo
Chargée de formation
Training officer


The accounting documents produced by the client or by our firm are shared securely in a dedicated space. Our customers can access all accounting documents at any time, which reassures them and reinforces their loyalty to us.

Thibault Renier
Wallace Associates

geirec - Wimi
fiducia - Wimi
crcc versailles - Wimi
comptagesma - Wimi
cncc 1 - Wimi
ordre experts comptables - Wimi




Wimi is a great platform for sharing information while controlling everyone’s access. Each consultant knows what to do on each project, saving them time and maximises the use of their skills.

Marie Buhot-Launay
Associate Manager


Wimi is an efficient tool and is appreciated by our internal team and our clients. We are impatient to discover the future updates that Wimi has instore for us.

Aurélien Chaval
Activity Director


WIMI has helped our consulting firm achieve its core goals of knowledge sharing, file centralization and innovative client interactions. All this with a pleasant interface and perfect ergonomics.

Tony Pereira
Digital Transformation Consultant
Velvet Consulting

s4s solutions - Wimi
redbridge - Wimi
noveane - Wimi
ey - Wimi
emerton 1 - Wimi
alteral - Wimi
algoe 1 - Wimi
velvet - Wimi
sogedev 1 - Wimi


logo chateau de versailles - Wimi
logo musee dorsay - Wimi
theatre lorient - Wimi

Education and Training



Wimi allowed us to provide a tool for professionals who collaborate within the framework of SREFOP. The tool has been well used and already saves us precious time on sharing and consulting documents.

Nadine Morilleau
Head of the network animation pole
Carif-Oref Pays de la Loire

Case study


How does Wimi allow those involved in Employment, Training, and Career Guidance to collaborate? (in french)

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cfai aquitaine - Wimi
cariforef - Wimi
ad education - Wimi
sciences po st germain - Wimi
pakeman 1 - Wimi
igc 1 - Wimi
ifis groupe - Wimi
cyber classe - Wimi




Wimi is a solution that was recommended to me internally. I adopted it and I recommend it in turn. Internally, I have been able to try Sharepoint, Box or even Microsoft Teams, but none have come close to a tool like Wim which combines functional richness and ease of use.

Claude Gout
Senior Exploration Geologist
Total E&P


It is a real comfort for the technical teams and myself to work with Wimi. The fine management of rights, access to information even on the move and the speed of deployment particularly appealed to us.

Fernando Gomes
Technical support
Assa Abloy France


We use Wimi essentially to share large documents securely with clients, secure sharing of heavy documents with clients, suppliers and internally. All of our users, both employees ad French and International customers and suppliers have adopted the tool.

Benjamin Macrel
Network Administrator 
Groupe Baron

Case study


How does Wimi allow Total E&P teams to centralize internal and external communication on R&D projects? (in french)

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assa abloy

How does Wimi facilitate communication between Assa Abloy and its technicians throughout France? (in french)

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baron groupe

How does Wimi make it possible to share large files for Groupe Baron client projects? (in french)

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total - Wimi
satelec fayat - Wimi
rte 1 - Wimi
ponticelli freres - Wimi
groupe etpo - Wimi
fives syleps - Wimi
engie - Wimi
baron groupe - Wimi
assa abloy - Wimi
veolia - Wimi



temoignage exemple photo - Wimi

Wimi is a safe and secure tool that clearly meets the needs of a firm regulated by professional secrecy. Working on our files from the platform has become second nature to us. We are amazed by the ease with which our customers and partners adopt the solution.

Alexis Moisand
Founding partner lawyer
Constellation Avocats


Wimi makes it possible to collaborate with our clients around their GDPR compliance issues. It is a simple tool that allows us to share sensitive documents and data with our customers in a fluid and completely secure manner.

Elise Humbert
Seban & Associés

Etude de cas

constellation avocats
How does Wimi allow Constellation Avocats to guarantee professional secrecy and strengthen business secrecy? (in french)

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huisaction - Wimi
delviso - Wimi
constellation avocats - Wimi
askesis - Wimi
seban associes - Wimi
le 16 law - Wimi
kalliope 1 - Wimi
juris dialog 1 - Wimi
insolidum - Wimi




100% of our employees use it on a daily basis. Our activity assumes constant work with sensitive data such as preclinical or pharmaceutical development results. Knowing that our data is hosted in France guarantees total confidentiality and sovereignty.

Stéphanie Monzelun
Director of Development
Aelis Farma


Wimi is a user-friendly collaborative platform that offers many tools to increase productivity and facilitate collaboration.

Magali Roche
Security Director


It’s a real pleasure to work with Wimi! With this solution, I can be sure that our external partners have access to the platform as easily as my colleagues and I. This facilitates communication on the project. We keep traceability on the work accomplished since 2013 and this avoids scattering information.

Michèle Tixier-Boichard
Research director

Case study

aelis farma

How does Wimi allow Aelis Farma to guarantee the confidential development of new pharmaceutical molecules? (in french)

Download the case study


How does Wimi promote collaborative work between INRAe and its partners? (in french)

Download the case study

viro scan 3d - Wimi
sun pharma - Wimi
medincell - Wimi
inserm 1 - Wimi
imv technologies - Wimi
eduprat - Wimi
crossject - Wimi
crb anim - Wimi
aelis farma - Wimi
weda - Wimi
capterra logo 1 - Wimi
capterra stars 1 - Wimi

4,7 sur 5

g2 logo 1 - Wimi
g2 stars 1 - Wimi

4,2 sur 5

appvizer logo 1 - Wimi
appvizer stars 1 - Wimi

5 sur 5