The corporate social network for agile organizations

Create communities that attract, engage, and retain your organization’s employees. Centralize all your company’s communications and build a world where information, knowledge, and expertise flow seamlessly.

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Take advantage of the power of Wimi Communities

Wimi Communities focuses on the main features of the most popular social networks on the market. They help you to build communities focused on your organization’s priorities and are directly linked to projects that create value.

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Unleash the full potential of your users

Give users a space to share their expertise, knowledge, and know-how. Through recommendations, they can connect with like-minded and build strong relationships with their peers.

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Follow & Discover

Follow your colleagues, discover new communities based on your preferences and create your own.

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Tag users

Make sure your users don’t miss any information by tagging them in your posts.

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Personal news feed

Find a personalised news feed based on the internal communities you follow.

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Fill them with rich and personalised content

Wimi Communities centralizes the communities in which your users participate. You can create and share original content and encourage engagement by inviting your teams to react to the posts of other community members.

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Create simple polls to get the opinion of your community and encourage engagement.

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Let your users interact and share their opinions under each post.

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Allow your users to react to each post by adding an emoji of their choice.

Create communities according to your needs

Build communities that reflect you and choose their level of visibility. Easily assign roles to your users and connect them to your workspaces.

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Public or private page

Company-wide, public, or private community? You decide how much visibility you want to give.

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Rights management

Admin, moderator, member: you can easily attribute and remove the rights of community members.

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Link to projects

Does your community have a project idea? Link it to one or several workspaces with one click.

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Q&A on the corporate
social network

What is a corporate social network?

A corporate social network is a means of communication that connects all the employees of a company. It works like a traditional social network with the difference being that it is private and only accessible to the employees of an organization. The company can also decide to include its partners (clients, suppliers, consultants, etc.).

What are the advantages of a corporate social network?

Corporate social networks foster communication within teams, reinforce the sense of belonging, break down hierarchical barriers, unclutter mailboxes and facilitate project management. The communities it creates encourage innovation, knowledge sharing, unite employees and improve employee experience.

What are the types of communities within a corporate social network?

There are different types of internal communities. The first is the practice community where the members belong to the same core business, share their knowledge, and help each other. The community of action brings together people with a common objective or project to improve a product, process, or their company in general. The interest community unites employees wanting to share and exchange their passion and interests with other employees, without any link to work. Finally, the community of place brings together people who work in the same place, city, or country.

How is Wimi different from other corporate social networks?

Wimi stands out by offering a secure and sovereign collaborative platform which integrates all the necessary tools to work and communicate, going far and beyond a simple corporate social network. With Wimi, your chats, documents, tasks, agendas, and communities are centralized.