Wimi: Development, Data Security and Digital Transformation

Wimi: Development, Data Security and Digital Transformation

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Posted by Wimi Staff, on Wednesday 17 May 2017, updated on Sunday 16 May 2021



In April, Maddyness, a French startup news magazine published an article: “Facing Patriot Act, the Wimi solution seduces big companies, including Sephora”. To share the news with you, here is a summary.

Wimi was established in 2010 by Lionel Roux, who wanted to offer an adapted tool that re-thought the ways of working and communicating. Having succeeded in raising 2,5 million euros since its creation, the startup holds its expertise in productivity tools. Consequently, Wimi has managed to seduce over 50,000 companies, including big clients such as Total, Shazam, Tesla, Bank of France and Intel.

Furthermore, companies are progressively searching for solutions to improve and intensify digital transitions. But in such an environment, it can be challenging given the rapid development of technologies and the constantly created new offers that are brought to the market. However, the main requests of operational teams within companies tend to more agility and more flexibility and that’s why we developed the Wimi solution, to respond to these demands.

Sephora’s CTO, a Wimi client, explains: “We reached the limits with existing tools. Some operational workers found them complex and not agile enough. Our teams were asking for better project management and a files management tool, facilitating internal interactions in real time as well as external interactions with partners involved in projects. That is precisely the need Wimi fills.”

To conclude, the data sovereignty has a great importance for Wimi, as we decided not to submit to the Patriot Act. Since 2001, US authorities have the possibility to gain access to European SaaS data, which is why we decided to protect our users with adapted security solutions (encryption, multi-factor,
authentication, versioning etc.). In this way, we can offer a pertinent service facing the stakes of both public and private actors for whom data security is capital.

As for 2017, our priority is to further expand both in European countries and in the United States, as well as with big corporations.


Read the full article about Wimi on Maddyness blog here

article maddyness wimi

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