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Unified workspacess

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Unified workspaces

A unified workspace for each project or activity — invite participants.

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Team communication

Discussions channels, direct messages, real-time interactions.

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File sharing

Share (and organize) files & folders with your teammates and clients.

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Task management

Manage tasks online. create categories, comment tasks and receive updates.

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Project calendar

Create events and visualize key milestones and deadlines for each project.

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Video calls

Unlimited audio calls, video calls and screen-sharing.

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Team performance, workload charts and project progression data.

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Access rights management

For each contributor: define specific accesses to project data.

Wimi is the ideal project management solution to efficiently gather all your team members together on the same platform. thanks to unified workspaces, teamwork is centralised and all your activities are organised within shared projects.

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channels & messaging

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Messaging channels

Team conversation in project channels to keep everyone in sync.

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Direct messages

Send private messages to your teammates and reduce inbox clutter.

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Express yourself with emojis, congratulate teammates.

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Sharing & posting

Share files, links, pictures and comments in relation with the team activity.

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Drag & drop

Share files & folders by drag and dropping them in a project.

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Organize your files in folders. define access rights by folder.

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Comment files and folders — discuss about files with your teammates.

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Benefit from automated versionning when a file is edited or added.

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Lock a file when editing to make sure your teammates don’t edit it at the same time.

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Access rights

Define access rights for each team member or client.

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Preview files online.

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Download link

Share a file with a link on a custom page, track downloads.

Wimi offers a thorough and easy-to-use file management tool. you can upload documents within seconds and organize your files as needed. once your files are uploaded, access-rights to folders and management of who can see what in your wimi is intuitive and flexible. all files are regularly backed-up and stored safely in the cloud.

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Desktop sync

Your files and folders are always synced on your computer.


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Offline access

Access your files from anywhere — even offline.

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Bulk uploads

Upload files & folders directly into your wimi drive.

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Access rights management

Access rights defined on wimi also apply to Wimi Drive accesses.

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Wimi empowers you to manage your projects faster and more successfully. teams using wimi experience:

task management

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Tasks & subtasks

Create tasks and subtasks in seconds. assign them to you or someone else.

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Kanban view

Display your tasks in list view or Kanban view.

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Create categories & sections to organize your tasks.

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File attachment

Attach files to tasks.

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Comment tasks with your teammates and discuss last updates.

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Create deadlines and due dates for each task.

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Drag & drop

Organize tasks in seconds thanks yo the drag and drop features.

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Multiple owners

Assign multiples owners to a task. share responsabilities within your team.

With Wimi you manage your projects and tasks online. You monitor your teams and manage their work easily. On Wimi you see immediately your priorities and how close each of your projects is from conclusion. All team members can access the information they need to work efficiently while maintaining a global view on the entire project, according to their pre-assigned access rights.

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Project calendars

View key milestones, deadlines, events and meeting for each project.

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Calendar sharing

Share calendars with your teammates.

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Outlook sync

Sync your wimi calendars with outlook thanks to outlook connector.

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Mobile sync

View your Wimi calendars on your smartphone & tablet.

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Recurring events

Create recurring events.

icon reunions - Wimi


Organize meetings in seconds and poll participants availabilities.

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Set reminders and receive notifications.

Using Wimi, you will be able to access all meetings, deadlines and key appointments on the same platform. Every calendar can be visualized either globally or more specifically by project.

Wimi lets you to create shared calendars to ease overall workflow coordination. You can set reminders and notifications for all important events; plan meetings directly from your calendars; invite team members by quickly surveying their collective availability to pick a definitive date/time that will automatically be added to everyone’s calendar.

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Video calls

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Unlimited audio calls, video calls and screen-sharing.

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Audio Call

Call your colleagues or share a link to invite participants, no account required.

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Video Calls

Start video conferencing in seconds by inviting participants.

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Screen sharing

Share your screen, no installation required.

Because continuous dialogue within teams is essential to any project’s success, Wimi offers a range of tools to suit your preferred method(s) of communication. One major innovation in this area is Wimi AirTime: an audio/video conference feature that makes simplifies the process of creating (and joining) remote meetings.

Wimi was one of the first in the market of collaboration and productivity tools to harness the power of the WebRTC technology to offer this convenient audio/video-conferencing and screen-sharing tool. The ability to share screens during a call helps team members work together on documents or projects visually and often more effectively.

Drastically reduce the number of emails you need to collaborate and sort efficiently through the flow of information coming your way. Wimi offers a group chatting module that allows you to communicate instantly with your team. You can initiate private discussions online or entire group chats.

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Monitor your project activity with charts.

icon charge travail - Wimi


Analyse your team workload and get estimations of project delivery.

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Team performance

View team performance in numbers.

icon estimation - Wimi


Filter by project or task category.

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Sync your contacts, calendars and task lists with outlook.

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Box, Dropbox, Gdrive, etc.

Import your files from box, dropbox, google drive and one drive.

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Office 365, Google Apps

Wimi integrates smoothly with office 365 and google apps for work.

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20+ integrations

Wimi integrates with more than 20 apps, including evernote, skype and more.

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mobile apps

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Wimi for IOS

Access your files, tasks, discussions from your iphone or tablet.


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Wimi for Android

Access all your wimi data with wimi app for android.


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