David Galiana
Digital transformation, Innovation

3 Examples of Successful Digital Transformations

3 Examples of Successful Digital Transformations

For success, companies must constantly adapt to meet customer demand, sharpening their strategy to stand out from competition and follow changes in the market. Since the 20th century, digital transformation has therefore become an essential step to stimulate knowledge …

Valentine Euvrard
Digital transformation, Innovation

How will the Digital Workplace 2030 look like ?

digital workplace 2030

Change is apart of our daily life not only at home but also in our workplace. Transformations happen faster and are more important than ever before in this digital age. Managers and teams have to find the best solutions to …

Josh Cole
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Here’s a provocative article from the guys at Accenture about how a maturing cloud can radically improve your productivity. At Wimi we’re excited to be part of this ongoing conversation.


There is some challenging commentary on what it will …