Project management tools

Wimi is a project management software that gathers everything you need to organize your work, teams, communicate efficiently
and make sure nothing slips through the cracks.

A project management software adapted to your needs

Wimi brings together all the tools your organization needs to work efficiently.

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Built to Drive Results

We know what can slow you down when managing a project, this is the reason why Wimi was built to ease project management and allow your teams to get more things done.

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Tailored to your Needs

Wimi allows you to get projects off the ground quickly and manage them easily. Organize your team efforts and communicate efficiently with a performing project management tool.

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Everything you Need

Wimi is a single centralized place for all project work including: discussion channels, file sharing & Drive, task management, shared calendars, video chat/screensharing and reporting.

Built for Project Managers…

Set goals and allow your teams to work smarter and more efficiently thanks to a high-performing online project management software.

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Manage priorities

Organize your team activities with online task management, set priorities and boost your project time to delivery.

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Real-time visibility

Benefit from a complete transparency into the status of your team’s work. Identify problems early and monitor progress on your projects without asking for updates.

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Centralized data and tools

Wimi helps you make sure all the data relative to a project is centralized: discussions, files, tasks and events are easy to access for all the members of your team.

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Client access and rights management

Wimi allows you to invite all your clients and external contributors for free. Our advanced rights management system gives you comprehensive control over each one accesses.

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…and Teams

Thousands of teams use Wimi everyday to get things done. We made sure your teams will love their new project management software.

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Simple and intuitive interface

Wimi relies on a simple and intuitive interface to make sure that all users, whether they are new to Wimi or experts, get up to speed in a glance.

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Handcrafted onboarding

Every second counts, this is why we spent time putting together everything you need during your onboarding on Wimi.

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Webinars…for everyone!

All users can attend webinars for free. It is the best way to learn how to use Wimi.

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WimiBot: your new companion

WimiBot will walk you through all the key features during your discovery of Wimi. Without being too intrusive, he will show up when needed. And he is cute.

The Best All-In-One Online
Project Management Software for Teams

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Team Collaboration

Create unified workspaces for each project or activity — invite participants and define what data they can access.

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Easily communicate with discussion channels, send private messages, start video calls and share your screen.

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File Sharing

Share files with your team and clients, organize your folders and make sure you always have access to the last version of a file.

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Wimi Drive

Your files and folders are always synced on your computer and smartphone. Access your files from anywhere — even offline.

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Task Management

Organize teamwork in a glance thanks to task management. Track progress on your projects in real time.

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Shared Calendars

Create shared calendars to make coordination easier within your teams. View deadlines, milestones and key events for all your projects and activities.

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Make your Wimi yours by adding your brand’s colors.

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Access Rights Management

Make sure all team members can access the information they need to work efficiently while maintaining a global view on the entire project, according to their pre-assigned access rights.

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There is no limit to the number of guests you can invite on your Wimi — the more customers you have to work with, the happier we are.