Product News

Below is a list of key features (non-exhaustive list) added to Wimi
(Webapp, mobile apps, Wimi Drive, Wimi Outlook connector) recently.


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23 april 2024

Release 7.20

  •  Creation of an Audio, Video, and/or screen recording accessible everywhere in Wimi (chat, documents, task or event attachments).
  •  New version of the mobile application “Wimi Air.”
  •  Addition of a setting to enforce MFA (multi-factor authentication) on certain user roles.
  •  Addition of a setting to choose the type of community allowed to be created (private, public, global).
  •  Creation of group chats from the left panel.
  •  Various bug fixes (Fix) concerning Wimi Online, Wimi INBOX, and UX/UI improvements.
  •  Numerous optimizations and bug fixes.
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17 april 2024

Release 7.19

  • Launch of Validation/Approval Workflows: enhancements to the document validation system (steps, new UX, validator groups…)
  • Add the ability to reply privately from a group discussion
  • Add reporting on task filters
  • Add the ability to tag a folder
  • Add the ability to expand and collapse all categories at once
  • Ability to add a version for a signed file from a Workspace
  • Numerous optimizations and bug fixes

12 march 2024

Release 7.18

  • New Wimi Inbox (reading emails in Wimi) and Wimi Mail (purchase, manage, and read emails in Wimi): transforming emails into tasks, integration of AirTime invitations into emails, saving emails in a workspace
  • New workspace creation journey
  • Update to Wimi AirTime (video conferencing): whiteboard and video recording, scheduling video conferences
  • Export of storage/quotas from settings
  • Creation of doc/template in “.docxf (Form)” format
  • Being able to choose the color of an event when creating it.

  • From “my tasks”, add the ability to create new tasks in free position with automatic assignment.

  • Improvement of display and stability
  • Various optimizations and bug fixes


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26 november 2023

Release 7.17

  • Improvement of onboarding
  • Update of the Agenda/My Agenda module to React
  • Various optimizations and bug fixes
  • New “Wimi Sign”: Integrated electronic signature in the suite
  • The Gantt module and My Gantt exit Beta mode
  • Possibility to hide activities for certain user roles
  • Blocking the creation of Airtime rooms for certain roles
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19 november 2023

Release 7.16

  • Improved input control when creating a file from the task/event details panel.

  • Modification of the display to remove a message from favorites.

  • Automatic removal of comment display in Recent conversations for items to which the user no longer has access.

  • Tag table header line fixed.

  • Numerous optimizations and bug fixes.

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15 august 2023

App Release iOS & Android – Wimi Air – 1.2.0

  • New iOS application Wimi Air focused on communication (chat, group chat, video conferencing, communities…)
  •  Link for the chat between Wimi Workspace application, to access your workspaces and associated functional modules (Documents, Tasks, Agendas, etc.) and Wimi Air.
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29 may 2023

Release 7.15

  • Gantt chart (beta) with dependencies at both the list and task levels
  • Multi-project Gantt chart (My Gantt)
  • Resource management that allows identifying overloads and underloads for each project stakeholder
  • Added the ability to reply to a comment on a community post
  • Added the ability to react to a comment on a Social Network (Communities) post
  • Numerous optimizations and bug fix


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30 november 2022

Release 7.14

  • Performance optimizations on accounts with very high user volumes (over 100,000)
  • The color of the tags is also restricted when you disable the creation of new tags
  • Addition of the calculation of the load on the lists of tasks
  • Redesign of the tasks module (better support for real time)
  • Numerous optimizations and bug fixes
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30 july 2022

Release 7.12

  • WebApp Video Recording
  • Ability to extract all active sharing links from the account options page
  • Rights management from a permanent AirTime videoconference room
  • Default images on permanent AirTime video conferencing rooms
  • Ability for managers to manage the groups they have created (by changing an option in the account preferences)
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24 april 2022

Release 7.10

  • Added an option on community creations to allow or not allow guests
  • Addition of an option to manage guests by managers
  • Managers can now unarchive a workspace they have archived
  • The uniqueness of a workspace name is moved to the category level (ex: 2 workspaces can have the same name provided they are not in the same category)
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13 march 2022

Release 7.9

  • Possibility to put emojis in the comments of a post, a document, a task and an event in the calendar
  • Added community-related email notifications
  • A guest can now create a document from a template
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30 january 2022

Release 7.8

  • Ability to make video recordings from communities
  • Ability to create document templates, reusable anywhere documents can be created
  • Ability to mention a user in a community post
  • Added a confirmation popup when you want to delete a community
  • Changing a community’s profile picture is now restricted to its managers
  • Added a notification in the activity module when moving a document from one workspace to another
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2 january 2022

Release 7.7

  • Adding tags to calendar events
  • Ability to change the name of a task filter after its creation


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14 december 2021

Release 7.6

  • Added permanent AirTime rooms from a community
  • Creating polls from a community
  • Video preview (.mp4)
  • Ability to rename a task filter
  • Ability to collapse the left navigation bar
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21 October 2021

Release 7.4 & 7.5

  • Launch of the CSR module (beta)
  • Launch of Wimi MFA (beta)
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5 august 2021

Release 7.1 to 7.3

  • Pinning task filters
  • Adding a manager from the “My Tasks” view
  • Creation and co-editing directly from a task or an event
  • Add tag when creating a new user
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3 may 2021

Release 7.0

  • Release of Wimi V7
  • Better ergonomics
  • New design
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16 march 2021

Release 6.43

  • Deleting a remote Wimi Drive synchronization
  • AirTime waiting room
  • Muting Chat Discussions
  • Inviting external participants to events
  • On-demand ICS file creation
  • Export of validation requests
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9 january 2021

Release 6.40

  • BBCode – Formatting your content
  • Custom fields
  • Drive: advanced selective synchronization
  • Disabled users view on chat


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3 November 2020

iOS Release 4.0.9

  • Global overhaul of the iOS application
  • Better ergonomics
  • Smart shortcuts
  • Advanced search
  • Calendar management etc.
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14 August 2020

Android Release 3.4.0

  • Global overhaul of the iOS application
  • Better ergonomics
  • Smart shortcuts
  • Advanced search
  • Calendar management etc.
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2 June 2020

Release 6.32 to 6.35

  • Workspace template library
  • Advanced search
  • Tag families
  • Clickable AirTime link from the calendar
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30 January 2020

Release 6.30 and 6.31

  • Option to automatically delete trash files
  • Display of employee constraints in the agenda
  • Display of events without a participant in the calendar
  • Attaching a task to its task list in the calendar
  • Email notifications following the acceptance / rejection of an event
  • Evolution of the rights of a manager


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October 8, 2019

Release 6.29

  • Redesign of the Wimi Drive interface
  • Chat conversation filters
  • IPTC fields
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July 10, 2019

Release 6.28

  • Wimi AirTime available on iOS and Android

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March 29, 2019

Release 6.27

  • Importing a folder from Wimi
  • Participation / non-participation in an event
  • Removability of the day separator in the agenda
  • Comment on a rejected task
  • Continuous visibility of activities
  • Support for Internet Explorer will stop from July 2019
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January 25, 2019

Release 6.24 to 6.26

  • Release of Wimi Desktop
  • Major developments on Wimi AirTime
  • Duplication of events
  • Task list duplication
  • Presence status of a user


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December 13, 2018

Release 6.21 to 6.23

  • Adding an end date on a workspace
  • Adding a progress indicator on your projects
  • Chat in silent mode
  • Adding a file on Wimi in the channel
  • Copying an external file to a Wimi folder
  • Differentiation of read and unread messages
  • Accused reading by message
  • Assign a collaborator to a subtask
  • Adding manager, progress or mass tag
  • Follow-up of invited users
  • Moving or copying documents within the webapp
  • Simplified user creation
  • In-app activity notifications
  • Adding a storage quota per workspace
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October 16, 2018

Release 6.17 to 6.20

  • Read-only access rights on subfolders
  • Adding criteria in the search engine
  • Adding reactions in the channel and chat
  • Embed comments in chat
  • Mention @ in Chat and Channel
  • Adding an expiration date on the file and folder share
  • Activities module enhancements
  • + many different improvements and bugfixs
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July 10, 2018

Release 6.13 to 6.16

  • To set a reminder for tasks before the starting date or the ending date
  • Folder sharing now presents the links included in the folder
  • New level of access rights added to tasks excluding tasks validation
  • New logos for the workspaces
  • To choose a default module for a workspace
  • Gallery mode to visualize the files
  • The possibility to import a list of tags, and prohibit the creation of new tags.- Start a discussion with a group of users
  • Start a discussion with a group of users
  • Improvement to “My Task” view (grouping by workspace)
  • A slideshow is now added to the preview mode of the documents online
  • To add a logo to a group chat
  • The possibility to replace a participant within a workspace (inheritance of rights)
  • The possibility to save within the Wimi Docs module attachments from channels, chats, tasks and events
  • The possibility to reply directly to a message within a group conversation in a Chat and Channel
  • + bugfix and minor improvements
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May 02, 2018

Release 6.12

  • Chat / Channels messages added to the search engine
  • Preview of posted URL links in the chat / channel
  • Giphy Integration (Animated Gif)
  • My Work section (My Tasks, My Calendars, …) accessible through a click on your profile picture
  • Creation of a user user with copy of rights and groups from an existing user (rights cloning)
  • Progression gauge on task lists
  • New Wimi AirTime interface
  • Improvements of Messages (Email to users or groups of users)
  • The activity export now includes tags
  • Filters improvements in My Tasks and My Calendar
  • + bugfix and minor improvements
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April 16, 2018

Release 6.10 to 6.11

  • Thumbnails on documents (Chat, Channel, Documents)
  • When a file is being added to a chat, a channel, a task, an event, a thumbnail is displayed instead of a file icon
  • A user can now export tasks from My Tasks (filtering criteria can be applied)
  • A user can now save filters in My Tasks
  • Saved filters can be sorted in My Tasks
  • When a start hour is set on a task, an end hour is automatically added one hour later
  • A task filter has a unique url link (eg. that can be added to a meeting, or a document, or anything else)
  • A task list has a unique url link (eg. that can be added to a meeting, or a document, or anything else)
  • Export / Import of reminders on tasks
  • The user who validates a task is now displayed in the task detail panel
  • When an administrator selects users to see their calendar, he also sees the events in hidden mode from the workspaces he doesn’t participate in
  • An administrator can select users to see their calendar even if the users don’t participate in the same workspaces than him


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October 23, 2017

Release 6.0 & 6.1

  • A new interface more clear, refined and visual,
  • Recurring tasks,
  • Setting email notifications by workspace,
  • New task filters (filtering in lists)
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September 11, 2017

Release 5.34

  • Adding links in the document module
  • Duplicate workspace
  • Changing the administrative rights of a workspace
  • Reminders about tasks
  • Manual restart on tasks
  • Delay Alert on Tasks
  • Wimi API Key