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Security, Confidentiality, Sovereignty

Wimi has unique assets for managing and sharing your sensitive data and projects

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Auth. multi-factor and

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SaaS, Hybrid, On-premise

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SSO / Company Directory

End-to-end encryption

Your data is encrypted from your device (computer, mobile, tablet) and decrypted only to transit the web while remaining perfectly indecipherable.

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Proven technologies

All the security technologies used in Wimi Armoured are based on proven and verified cryptography rules (eg Elliptic Curve Cryptography, private, public, ephemeral keys, TrustchainTM).

Privacy by Design and Security by Design

Wimi Armoured is one of the first solutions to apply the principles of Privacy and Security by Design.

Principles of end-to-end encryption

All data (messages, files, tasks, metadata) present on Wimi Armoured are encrypted and decrypted locally by an authorized user and device. They are confusedly routed and stored on our servers, rendering them useless for intruders.

A TrustChain, an unalterable log

Each Wimi Armoured account has its own TrustchainTM, an immutable log of all actions on your data.

Authentication multi-factor and multi-device

Secure access to your sensitive data by choosing your specific authentication criteria.

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Define the authentication factors for your users

Wimi Armoured allows you to define the authentication factors that your users must respect to connect. The possible options are: presence of an NFC field, Bluetooth, IP range, time slot, and biometric identifiers.

Your phone as an authentication device (optional)

Rather than a USB key or other device that is easily misplaced, Wimi Armoured offers authentication via your mobile phone. You will need to scan a QR code present on the web login page of your Wimi Armoured account and fill in the necessary authentication criteria (eg biometric fingerprint), then you will be logged in.

Password theft

Multi-factor and multi-device authentication provides high protection against password theft because a password is not sufficient to connect to Wimi Armoured.

Theft or loss of device

From the Wimi Armoured interface, you can simply ban a device that you have lost or stolen.


Data sovereignty

Wimi is a 100% French company not subject to the US Patriot Act. In SaaS mode, accommodation is provided by a French host and physically located in metropolitan France.

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Data stored on French soil

Data centers hosting Wimi Armoured (in SaaS mode) are located in metropolitan France. These datacenters benefit from numerous certifications and quasi-military physical access security.

French host

In addition, the company that owns and manages these data centers is French.

Wimi Armoured, 100% French solution

The Wimi Armoured solution is developed by teams located in Paris and Sophia-Antipolis. Our technology partners are exclusively national players.

Independent company

Wimi Armoured is published by Cloud Solutions SAS, a French and independent company.


SaaS, Hybrid, On-Premise

Choose the web hosting that suits your organization!
Data is secure, encrypted and tamper-proof.

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SaaS hosting

This is the most immediate and easy way of hosting. It only takes a few seconds for your Wimi Armoured account to become operational.

Hybrid hosting

If you want your data to be placed on dedicated servers, we offer a corresponding hosting formula. In addition, we manage / monitor your instance for you.

On-premise hosting

Your security policy requires that your applications be hosted on your servers. Wimi Armoured can be deployed also “On-premises”.

SSO / Company Directory

Enjoy integration with existing user profiles on your corporate directory.

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Retrieving existing user profiles

Wimi Armoured offers integration with enterprise directories via the SAML V2 protocol. This makes it possible to avoid duplication of user profiles.

Simplified user management

By using existing user profiles, you greatly facilitate the management of users of your Wimi Armoured account. A disabled user from your directory will no longer be able to log into your Wimi Armoured account.

Easy deployment

Using SSO, deployment of the Wimi Armoured application is greatly facilitated.