David Galiana
5 pieces of time tracking softwares

Good time management skills are vital in order to be productive at work. Everyone knows the saying “time is money” and no one wants to waste it!

The best way to find out if your team and you are cost-effective is timing each task. You would then be able to …

David Galiana
eisenhower matrix

Prioritising your tasks at work is essential, but it’s still hard to do that correctly. So, you easily feel unproductive, struggle to pace your work and therefore end up taking extra hours to finish your tasks.

Moreover, not only does being unproductive affect the quality of your work, but it …

Alice Le
productivité bureau été



Summer is here! Yet, to most of us, so are the days of constantly seeing your friends’ vacations on social media, nearly fainting of heatstroke on the commute to work, and thinking more about your next getaway than your next project. In short, we would rather out on …

Alice Le
zapier integration automatisation wimi



From this point forward, in order to boost efficiency, our users can connect their favorite apps with Wimi using Zapier. For example, one can create an automatic task in Wimi every time they receive a certain email, or even create an automatic message in a Slack channel every …

Alice Le
Productivity, Productivity

Work environment and Productivity




The work environment is one of the main factors influencing an employee’s productivity. It is often said that a happy employee is an effective one- and indeed, it has been verified! You must create a work environment which is healthy, pleasing and nice to work in. This article …