News from June 2020 on Wimi

News from June 2020 on Wimi

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Posted by David Galiana, on Wednesday 17 June 2020, updated on Tuesday 29 November 2022

In order to satisfy our existing customers and future customers, we are continuously developing our collaborative platform. This month, we are offering you workspace improvements and some other changes (tag classes, clickable AirTime links), in order to improve the productivity of your teams but also to make their lives easier.

You will find below a short but detailed summary of each change.

Wimi News List – June 2020

  • Workspaces Template Library
  • Advanced Search
  • Tag Groups
  • Clickable AirTime Links in Calendars

Workspaces Template Library

(only in French, English templates are coming soon)

bibliothèque de modèles projets

Do you need some inspiration to launch your next projects? We provide you with a library of models that you can rely on for creating new workspaces. Around 15 models are already available. We are also planning on enriching them and adding new ones. If you have any suggestions, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us!

Knowledge-base: How to create a workspace model? (Section: How to create a workspace based on a model from the Library?) (in French)

Advanced Search

recherche avancée

We have improved the advanced search options. By including one or several tags, as well as several workspaces or various users, you now have tailored criteria to find what you are looking for. Another new feature: the names of files are now included in search options. Your searches are now more straightforward!

Knowledge-base: How to use the search engine on Wimi? (in French)

Tag Groups

Famille de tags

Tag groups reflect an advanced use of your Wimi platform. In fact, they allow you to restrict the use of tags in a workspace to a specific tag group so your users won’t get overwhelmed by all the tags on your Wimi.

Knowledge-base: How to create a tag group? (in French)

Clickable AirTime Links in Calendars

Lien AirTime cliquable depuis l'agenda

Have you ever clicked by mistake on the camera icon when intending to launch a conference? All members of our Wimi team have experienced it at least once and that it might have happened to you too. That’s why we have created an access link under the URL of your conference. A minor yet necessary development which will help to avoid some last-minute surprises.

Knowledge-base: How to add or change an event in a Wimi Calendar? (Section: How to generate an AirTime conference link in the event space?) (in French)

If you have any question about our newest features, please get in touch with our support team via the chat box available from your Wimi account.

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