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Over the past 5 years Flexible working has become increasingly popular, in terms of flexible hours and of where you choose to work (at home or at the office). Research has shown that 74% of respondents in the US believe that flexible work has become the new normal.

Given the …

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Six Sigma an introductory guide for beginners

Your clients’ satisfaction is an indispensable element for your project and your company to succeed. In order to guarantee this satisfaction, you should deliver quality products that meet your clients’ requirements. However, in reality, it is often difficult to achieve constant quality as fabrication processes may vary that can lead

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Extreme Project Management an introductory guide for beginners

During your career as a project manager, you will be leading various and diverse projects. Some are going to be relatively easy to manage while others will require continuous adjustments and changes to satisfy the client; some might have to be abandoned for different reasons.

There is a wide choice

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Adaptive Project Framework an introductory guide for beginners

Today, the majority of projects cannot be managed using traditional project management methods because they are generally too rigid. One of the main reasons for this is that it is often difficult to precisely outline all of the project’s requirements from the outset. There are many factors that can contribute

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Collaboration, Digital transformation

Working remotely: what are the advantages for your team?

Working remotely what are the advantages for your team

Working remotely means working outside of the company’s property, whether that be from your own home, in a shared working space or a cafe. There are many reasons to work remotely: for someone who is self-employed, they will often be on the move or they might have to stay at

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How to keep connected with your teams working remotely

As the coronavirus epidemic is continuing to spread, companies are asking their employees to work from home for their own safety. Those who are already accustomed to working from home will face little disruption in their daily lives, but for those who are not, the isolation measures will turn their

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What is the difference between a leader and a manager

“Leadership is the art of getting someone to do something you want done because he wants to do it.” – Dwight Eisenhower

Contrary to the widespread opinion, leadership and management are not synonymous. If a person can be a manager and a leader at once, they can equally be a

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benefits collaborative working

In the Private Sector as well as in government roles, collaboration is more prominent now than ever. Collective intelligence achieves much faster progress and the completes more tasks than solo work. Put simply, two, three or ten minds are better than one. Thus, by pooling the skills, know-how and experience

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work project mode

You’ve probably already heard of it. Companies are increasingly often choosing to work in project mode. This work method entails numerous advantages. It notably removes organisational barriers by encouraging teamwork in the company and reducing or even eliminating a hierarchy which allows for more flexibility and reactivity.

Could you also …

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team collaboration work

“Alone we go faster, together we go further.” – African Proverb

It is true that we can accomplish much more when we work together. By surrounding ourselves with people who possess experiences and skills that are different yet complementary to our own, we can more forward faster and further. That …