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How to take meeting minutes ?

Meetings are unavoidable at work. Who doesn’t have a meeting at least once a week, or even once a day? If they can often be time-consuming and counter-productive, meetings remain an indispensable communication and collaboration tool that at the same time allows us to inform, exchange and decide.

However, in …

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raci matrix how to define roles and responsibilities project

To ensure that your project is a success, you must put your organisation on display, put in place effective management, define the roles and responsibilities of everybody in a clear and precise manner, have a motivated team and use high performing tools like Wimi.

When a project is launched, …

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how motivate team

Do you want to know the secret to task success? In one, it is to have a motivated and competent team. Human resource management is undoubtably the key to success in all business’ and in any sector. A motivated team can move mountains and accomplish anything. Equally, in a demotivated …

David Galiana
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10 mind mapping programs to boost creativity

mind mapping programs

Creativity and fresh ideas are vital to push, develop and make a company grow, but also to improve one’s work and productivity on a project.

Companies are always on the lookout for new perspectives. They love encouraging their colleagues to rack their brains and develop smart ideas which make their …

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5 ideas to liven a team meeting up

5 ideas to liven a team meeting up

Team meetings are an essential way to bounce ideas off each other. Sadly, in most cases, they’re anything but productive. They drag, make people waste time and achieve very little.

As a result, most people either escape them or prefer to show up and check their emails and nap, without …

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project management methods

If you are interested in project management, you might have already come across different debates on the best methodologies to do this. Some of them fly high for a period of time then other old ones make a comeback. It’s pretty easy to lose track of them.

Better Scrum or …

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team management styles successful projects

According to a study by Seton and OnePoll in March 2018, one in four French people have quit a job because of their manager. Lack of confidence, lack of motivation, infantilization, inefficiency, lack of creativity, the list goes on. Poor management can have disastrous effects on a team and the …

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The Key to a Successful Digital Transformation ? An efficient Team.

key successful digital transformation efficient team


Digital transformation is much more than just a technical transformation – it requires the complete involvement of all your team.

Over the last 15 years, marketing professional Bryson Duncan has observed the digital changes within organisations. He discovered that technology did not to cater for current teamwork and organisation …

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Which engagement within work teams?




Engaging with employees has become a new preoccupation within companies. The digital revolution encourages this, since it brings the way we work into question; corporate social networks, telecommuting, access to the corporate messaging service from home. It is said that an employee is engaged when he challenges himself …

Alice Le
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7 reasons why you should use collaborative tools

reasons why you should use collaborative tools


For most organizations, teamwork is necessary and a part of employees’ everyday life. However, communication between several individuals within the same team can sometimes seem difficult, and therefore collaborative tools have been developed for the business market. They enable professionals to be more effective in their daily tasks while …