The collaborative sovereign and secure suite

Wimi is a collaborative suite that brings together everything your organization needs in terms of collaboration, advanced document management, project management and communication to streamline the work of your teams and your relationship with external partners or customers. Wimi is the 1st sovereign collaborative suite to have started its SecNumCloud and Cloud of Trust qualification process.

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Thousands of organisations
put their trust in us

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Unified workspaces.
Guaranteed project success.

Wimi centralises all the tools your teams need to turn your organisation’s projects into successes.


Group all your projects and activities into workspaces and keep an overview of your organisation.


Create communities that engage and interest your employees and streamline communication within your organisation.

Wimi Inbox & Wimi Mail

With “Wimi INBOX” and “Wimi MAIL,” fetch your emails into Wimi and create professional, secure mailboxes, directly within the Wimi suite.

Chat & Channels

Organise your team discussions in dedicated channels and never lose sight of the context. Less emails, more clarity.

Documents, Drive and Co-editing

Store, share and edit documents together with the knowledge that you always have access to the latest version wherever you are.

Wimi Signature

Avec “Wimi Sign”, génerez des signatures électroniques fiables, conviviales et sécurisées (certifiées eIDAS), directement dans la suite Wimi.

Tasks and Gantt Chart

Create tasks, assign them in one click and follow their progress in Kanban mode or from a Gantt. Simple and efficient.

Calendars and Meetings

View key project milestones, dates and deadlines while keeping track of your teams’ availability.

Video calling and screensharing

Make audio/video calls, share your screen, and keep in touch with your teams, wherever you are.

Reporting and Activity

Track project progress, team performance and workload and keep track of all actions.

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There is a better way to communicate and work as a team

Manual methods or multiple tools prevent your organisation from reaching its full potential.

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  • Time wasting
  • Dissemination of information
  • Security breaches
  • Creation of silos
  • Costly investments
  • De-motivation of teams
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  • Saves time
  • Smoother communication
  • Increased security
  • Centralization of work
  • Financial savings
  • Team efficiency
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Easy to set up.
Simple to use.


Create a workspace or

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Choose its visibility or
activate the modules

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Invite participants and
select access rights

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Communicate and
work together

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Work, share, exchange.
In a secure and sovereign environment.

With state-of-the-art security and advanced access rights management, deploying
Wimi ensures that you are working on the most secure collaborative suite in Europe.

Data Sovereignty

Wimi is a 100% French company not subject to extraterritorial laws (Cloud Act, Patriot Act, etc.). Hosting is carried out by Scaleway (a subsidiary of the Iliad group), a French hosting company physically located in France.

Customised hosting

Choose the hosting mode that best suits your needs: Saas, hybrid or on-premise. Wimi is hosted on our infrastructure but can also be deployed on the infrastructure of your choice, in private cloud mode or on your servers in on-premise mode.

End-to-end encryption*

Your data is encrypted from your device and decrypted only by authorised recipients, from a previously authorised device. It remains unencrypted when it travels over the web or when it is stored on our servers.

Multi-factor authentication and
multi-device authentication

Wimi allows you to define the authentication factors your users must respect and the devices they must use to connect to the platform.

*Available on Wimi Armoured

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Wimi is the 1st sovereign collaborative suite in the process of SecNumCloud qualification

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Blog: Teamwork

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Knowledge base

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Wimi Academy

Take advantage of our resources. Become a collaboration expert.

We provide you with content and resources to optimise collaboration and communication in your organisation.

Recommended in all sectors.
By all teams.

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Pascal Marnay

Director of Financial Risks
and Performance

Are you tired of losing information in emails and files scattered across your network? Wimi is a collaboration tool that will help you get rid of all of that. The organization in project mode allows you to centralize all the information. Using Wimi means less stress and more efficacy!

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Natalia Zapior Duque

Head of Store
Opening Coordination

At first I was very sceptical about finding everything I needed, but by following the migration I was reassured to see all the possibilities offered by Wimi. Today, we spend an average of two days less per project in each department.

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claude gout 1 - Wimi

Claude Gout

Senior Exploration

Wimi is a solution which was recommended to me internally. I started using it and now recommend it to others. Internally I could try Sharepoint, Box, or even Microsoft Teams but none of them reach the level of a tool like Wimi which combines rich functionality and ease of use.

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