Guests are Free and almost Unlimited

Do your projects require the intervention of partners external to your organization?
With Wimi, external guests come at no additional costs and the configuration of rights is similar to a paying user.

Thousands of businesses take advantage of free guests on Wimi

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What are the Wimi guests?

Guests are contributors from outside your organization. The types of profiles accepted as guests are your customers, prospects, suppliers, service providers, consultants, partners, journalists, external experts, etc.

Guests get the same functionality as users free of charge. Access rights management allows you to define the workspace and areas to which the guests have access.

Invite your customers, suppliers, and external partners!

It’s simple, free, and 100% configurable.

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Why are you going to love the guests on Wimi?

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Without Wimi

Most market players incorporate the notion of free guests BUT limit a guest to read-only rights on projects. You do not have the choice. It is read-only or add a paid user to go further.

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With Wimi

Wimi removes this limit and allows you to finely configure the rights of a guest in order to give them the possibility of participating 100% in your project. You have the choice. Read only, full access, partial access, you manage according to your needs.

Q&A about Guests

Quickly find an answer to your question

Are the guests really free and always will be?

Guests are free. In order to avoid certain abuses, their number is limited to 5 times the number of paying users on your Wimi. For example, if I have 10 paying users, I am entitled to 50 free guests on my Wimi.

How many workspaces can a guest participate in at once?

In order to avoid abuse, a guest can only participate in one workspace at the same time.

Can I manage guest access rights?

A guest is a Wimi user so you can manage their access rights (read, write, etc.).

How does Wimi differ from its competitors?

Wimi brings together all the bricks necessary for the agility and productivity of teams when they are working on a project or an activity in a single platform. The solution is sovereign (data hosted in France) and guests are free and unlimited. Feel free to create Wimi account to try it for yourself.