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Create unified workspaces, centralize deliverables, documents, tasks, milestones, messages and discussions. Improve your productivity on each mission thanks to Wimi.

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One client = One dedicated workspace

Benefit from a dedicated unified workspace for each mission, which gathers documents, deliverables, tasks, milestones and discussions. Manage access rights very easily for your team and your client.

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Communicate efficiently and in real-time

Ease communication within your teams with Wimi AirTime and discussions channels. Improve collaboration with your client thanks to Wimi AirTime videoconferencing and screen-sharing features.

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Welcome effortless mission management

Manage tasks online, track tasks progress and move work forward. Plan and allocate your team’s efforts, always stay in control of a mission’s progress.

Everything you need to work smarter

The best features you need to move work forward are in Wimi.

  • Unified Workspaces
  • Access Rights Management
  • Centralized Data
  • Secured File Sharing
  • Wimi Drive
  • Task Management
  • Shared Calendars
  • Reporting
  • Discussion Channels
  • Video Calls & Videoconferencing
  • Free Guests
  • 200+ Features

Accounting documents created by our client and our firm are securely shared within a dedicated workspace in Wimi. Our clients can access to all deliverables and documents at any time.


Thibault Renier

Thibault Renier

Accountant, Wallace Associates


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We create one unified workspace for each client. This way, we can access all the information about a specific client, while giving them access to folders we need to share with them.

partage documents - WimiWimi Disk & Offline Access

When on the go, we really appreciate the fact that we can access our documents from anywhere and offline.

wimi solutions droit acces - WimiAccess Rights Management

It’s a real feeling of fresh air when you can securely share a folder within a project without wondering what your client could see. With Wimi, we have a complete control over our clients accesses. They enjoy the fact that we provide them with a customised “space” in the cloud where they can retrieve all documents we shared with them — as well as add documents we need.

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