A recent consortium called “Humanizing the Digital Workplace” has found that “organizations continue to spend millions of dollars on productivity solutions and enterprise apps to support their workers, but ironically, those solutions are contributing to hurt productivity”.

In fact, just because a particular type of technology solution is adapted to suit a company, that doesn’t necessarily mean that it is effective. Being able to quickly and easily start web and video conferences, for example, is a clear pain point, particularly in traditional conference room settings. Wimi is a tool that has been developed to meet all of your company’s productivity and data protection needs.

Here are few tips that are essential in making a digital workplace really productive for your employees, and how Wimi can help to facilitate this process.


1.Digital workplaces should work on a well-architected network


Only 9% of organizations consider a proper network access as the most important factor of their digital workplace strategies, and only 27% place it in their top three. This is a surprisingly small number, considering the importance of internet and digital communication in company strategy. Emails, social networks, document sharing, video conferences and meetings encompass all the tools that embrace everyday business life are based on a network that Wimi can provide for your organization.




2. Companies should begin a transition to cloud


60% of companies say their corporate solutions are internally managed, while 49% say office productivity software is operating in a similar manner. But this is actually changing. Organizations are turning more and more to trusted partners to manage systems and software on their behalf. Nearly half of all business applications and collaboration tools are in fact managed by third parties, therefore more and more workplace technologies are considered as cloud-based services. The main reasons why organizations are migrating workplace applications to the cloud are: 1. A better cost model 2. Reduction of capital investments made in IT systems, and 3. Centralization of software in data centers. Wimi is a digital solution that manage data in a specific cloud and therefore enable companies to make their transition to cloud effective.




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Are you aware that a happy employee is 10% to 12% more productive? Establishing a good work environment which is favorable for wellbeing, is essential for your company. A happy employee will be less absent, more productive and will boost your company’s brand. Furthermore, your employees are the first ones to talk about your company or your brand.

There are a lot of ways to improve your collaborators’ wellbeing, this article sums up the 10 easiest and most important ways.

Well-being at work

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The potential of collaborative technology to energize businesses has received a lot of press. However the discussion about how leaders are to lead and manage in a new era of collaboration and technological possibility has received less attention. It’s an emerging field so there are many lessons still to be learned through trial and error over the coming months and years. Having said that smart operators are already beginning to adopt several key ideas. Below we share some of these emergent lessons. We hope they will help you to navigate your team during this time of change.

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