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management tool creative agency

In private as well as in professional life, the new technologies are widely spread these days and the number of apps and software solutions to simplify your work life continues to increase every day.

In the environment where competition is tough, a creative agency should be able to be distinct …

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impostor syndrome

Are you constantly doubting yourself or your competency at work? Do you attribute your success to luck or to your client being in a good mood? Do you feel like you are not up to the task or that you don’t deserve to be there? You are most likely the …

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The Agile Method Introduction beginners

In project management, there are a number of work methods that ensure the efficiency and success of your projects. One of the most well-known is without a doubt the agile method, which combines multiple project management approaches. What do they have in common? The agile method is more flexible than …

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How to estimate task duration ?

how estimate task duration

Estimating the time of a project task is a game of riddles. Here are three things to take into account when you approach this exercise in project management.

  • We struggle to estimate the duration of a task or an activity
  • We tend to take the time allotted to us by
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How to avoid burnout ?


Do you feel stressed, worn out and completely demotivated at work? Are you anxious? Do you have insomnia and difficulty getting out of bed in the morning? Do you feel completely inefficient at work? If the answer to several of these questions is yes, you probably suffer from burnout syndrome.…

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5 key tools organise management agency

“Since the birth of man, tools have always been an extension of your mindset as well as your hands.” Nabil Alami, Heat Science Expert.

Since the dawn of time, man has always used tools. This has driven the survival and evolution of our species. These tools allow us to fulfil …

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Every one of our workdays is like a race against the clock. Time is a precious and elusive resource which tends to slip between our fingers. At the end of the day, we are too often frustrated at not having finished the tasks that we were responsible for in time. …

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7 laws time management more efficiency work

In project management, to be high performing and to succeed in all your projects, you need to be organised and productive, know how to effectively manage your time and anticipate risks.

Did you know that laws and principles exist which rule work life?

Here are 7 of them that you …

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Working remotely: how to ensure the best conditions for your employees?

working remotely

You’re worried about having your team geographically spread out? Some of your employees would like to work away from the office for a few days a month? In France, working from home, i.e. telecommuting, is becoming more and more popular, as revealed in the second edition of the research study …

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5 erros cost creative agency money

We all make mistakes. Some are insignificant mistakes that go by almost unnoticed and some are more serious which make us lose money.

In the professional world, these missteps can cost us dearly, or even push some companies, all sizes and areas included, to go bust. Creative agencies are not …