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In April, Maddyness, a French startup news magazine published an article: “Facing Patriot Act, the Wimi solution seduces big companies, including Sephora”. To share the news with you, here is a summary.

Wimi was established in 2010 by Lionel Roux, who wanted to offer an adapted tool that re-thought the ways of working and communicating. Having succeeded in raising 2,5 million euros since its creation, the startup holds its expertise in productivity tools. Consequently, Wimi has managed to seduce over 50,000 companies, including big clients such as Total, Shazam, Tesla, Bank of France and Intel.

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Wimi Outlook Connector is available! You can now synchronize and edit your Wimi calendars with Outlook! Click on Apps at the bottom left of your Wimi and download Wimi Outlook Connector.

We wish you successful teamwork with Wimi…



We see managers and employees work on increasingly numerous and rich projects.With Oxygen we bring them fresh air to ease and energize daily work.

Oxygen is our greatest realease so far. Wimi is faster and more visual than it has ever been. Oxygen offers a freshly renewed task management module and introduces amazing communication tools directly integrated to your Wimi.

With Wimi Oxygen, reinvent your teamwork.

Wimi DriveWimi Drive allows you to access your files directly from your desktop.

Wimi Drive syncs all the files on your Wimi and makes them available on your desktop just as any local file. Acces your files easily, even offline.

We advise that you download the new version of Wimi Drive in order to beneficiate from the latest features and the best performances.

Folders-OS-Windows-Metro-iconDownload Wimi Drive for PC

Mac-iconDownload Wimi Drive for Mac 

Learn more on our knowledge base about the installation process for Wimi Drive.



Wimi is pleased to introduce its new V4 “Rocket” version with an optimized interface. Speed up your projects and increase productivity.

Thank you to all you Wimi users who have helped to improve the solution for the whole Wimi community!



Wimi “Rocket” includes more than 150 user-friendly and functional improvements to make Wimi the best tool for teamwork.



Flat design interface

Easy navigation and quick access to your project data



Instant preview of your documents

No need to download to view the content (compatible with Office and more than 40 file formats)



Real-time commenting

Facilitate project management



Wimi Drive even more efficient

Direct access to your files without the need to go through your browser, even offline


Online collaboration tool

Wimi is flexible and adaptable to your own development

Wimi is scalable to the number of users and storage system that you require.


Sign into your Wimi or create a Wimi now. Discover the new version and save valuable time every day.


We had the great opportunity to be selected and to participate in the French Tech Tour ( that was held in Silicon Valley from June 1st to 7th. Lionel Roux (CEO) and Baptiste Lacroix went to San Francisco and met with major actors of the Valley and participated to several events. We are proud to announce that the Wimi team has some great product integration in mind.

You use Evernote, Zendesk or Box? You would like to add your Evernote notes inside Wimi? That will be available in a few months.

Feel free to tell us which services you would like to see integrated further into Wimi!

Evernote office

Evernote’s office

We are pleased to announce the release of Wimi 3.1 version, which offers multiple improvements and fixes minor bugs from the 3.0 version.

Improvements include an accelerated Wimi Drive synchronization algorithm, the introduction of a desktop notifications system to alert users when team members update project files, as well as an extended chat feature to facilitate communication amongst team members.

Wimi benefits from a fresh new interface design. The new interface has been designed thanks to the feedback of hundreds of Wimi users : entrepreneurs, small and medium businesses, etc.

You can have a look right here :

The new interface further simplifies and accelerates navigation to answer the needs of our fast growing user base.

The Wimi team warmly thanks the community who contributed to this significant upgrade. Our team is commited to continuously improving the platform and delivering the best available solution for small and medium businesses.

Wimi is the only solution that provides an integrated platform for file sharing and project management.

We are proud to present now Wimi in English.
Spanish will come soon.

Wimi is pleased to announce the release of its Wimi Drive.

Wimi Drive is a file synchronisation software made available to all Wimi users. It allows users to keep their files up-to-date across all their devices (computers, mobiles, tablets) and stay in sync with their team in a simple and effortless way.

Benefits for team workers and on-the-go workers are immediate: their files are always available and up-to-date, can be accessed from anywhere in a transparent way. Even when no internet connection is available, files can be accessed and modified from their laptop. They automatically synchronize later on when internet access becomes available.

Sharing with your team, clients and partners has never been so easy.

Unlike competitive systems, Wimi Drive fully integrates into Wimi project management platform making team work simpler and smoother than ever.