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How to stay productive when working from home

How to stay productive when working from home

Working from home is becoming a more and more popular option for employees and businesses. Moreover, by being able to organize their own schedule how they wish, professionals avoid wasting time in transit or getting to work during times of strikes.

According to a study conducted by Malakoff Médéric Humanis

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Remote work tools

Nowadays, working from home has become more and more popular. It is true it is an ideal solution when you are regularly on the move, when there is a need to look after your children or in cases of exceptional situations like transport strikes or being in confinement in case

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how break down barriers company

“Break the silos of an organisation”, “work in project mode” or even “break down the barriers of departments”. Surely you have already heard these very trendy expressions in recent years. With the digital arrival, our society has evolved, bringing a change in our ways of consuming, but also in the …

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Working remotely: how to ensure the best conditions for your employees?

working remotely

You’re worried about having your team geographically spread out? Some of your employees would like to work away from the office for a few days a month? In France, working from home, i.e. telecommuting, is becoming more and more popular, as revealed in the second edition of the research study …

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how digital transformation taking place local authorities

Today, we are living in the digital era. In daily life, at work and at home, everything is organised, prepared, ordered in one click via your smartphone, tablet or computer.

In the same way as the industrial revolution profoundly changed 19th century society, the digital transformation is changing our current …

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How will the Digital Workplace 2030 look like ?

digital workplace 2030

Change is apart of our daily life not only at home but also in our workplace. Transformations happen faster and are more important than ever before in this digital age. Managers and teams have to find the best solutions to improve their digital transformation process and adapt to new challenges.…

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The Key to a Successful Digital Transformation ? An efficient Team.

key successful digital transformation efficient team


Digital transformation is much more than just a technical transformation – it requires the complete involvement of all your team.

Over the last 15 years, marketing professional Bryson Duncan has observed the digital changes within organisations. He discovered that technology did not to cater for current teamwork and organisation …

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4 tools to make your digital workplace (really) efficient

tools digital workplace efficient


A recent consortium called “Humanizing the Digital Workplace” has found that “organizations continue to spend millions of dollars on productivity solutions and enterprise apps to support their workers, but ironically, those solutions are contributing to hurt productivity”.

In fact, just because a particular type of technology solution …

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chief digital officer rôle enjeux



The role of Chief Digital Officer (often called CDO) is a job which is being created in more and more companies around the world. But who’s the person behind the job and what roles does it entail? We answer in this article!
CDO Chief Digital Officer infographic key numbers

The Chief Digital Officer and digitalization

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7 reasons why you should use collaborative tools

reasons why you should use collaborative tools


For most organizations, teamwork is necessary and a part of employees’ everyday life. However, communication between several individuals within the same team can sometimes seem difficult, and therefore collaborative tools have been developed for the business market. They enable professionals to be more effective in their daily tasks while …