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Centralize and share your documents with your team, your clients and your partners

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Online storage for businesses

Using Wimi, businesses are enjoying an overall reduction of IT spending and hidden costs for licenses, updates, consulting, user training and support, maintenance and administration of multiple other collaboration software.

Edit and preview all your files online

Easily preview images, files and documents in formats including Word, PowerPoint, Excel, PDF, Google Doc. Wimi even allows you to view and edit Office files directly in the browser. Work from any location and from any computer!

Manage access rights to your projects folders
Supported by a simple but powerful access-rights management system, Wimi lets you decide which users can access, read and/or edit any of your project files, tasks or calendars. You can create as many folders and sub-subfolders as necessary in each workspace and decide which folders can be accessed by which workspace participants. This feature helps you keep control over the content shared with your team members.
Large files? Send a link!
Files too heavy to be sent by email? Share content with your team, external partners, clients and suppliers by sending a simple link to download the file.
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Work together on the same file
in real time with Wimi Online

Take advantage of an online co-editing tool directly integrated into Wimi
and work together on your documents, spreadsheets, and presentations.

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No need for a Microsoft or Google license

With Wimi Online, you have an integrated and sovereign suite to edit your files alone or with others.

All popular formats are supported

With Wimi Online, you don’t have to worry about compatibility. The following formats are supported: docx, xlsx, pptx, odt, ods, odp, doc, xls, ppt, pdf, txt, rtf, html, epub, and csv.

In-file comments and chat

Annotate your files and collaborate live with your colleagues without having to leave the editing suite.

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File sharing
Wimi provides a robust file sharing feature which allows you to set up your preferred folder structure and access the files from any computer. Your information remains synchronized and available whenever you need it and from whichever computer or device you happen to have on hand. Using Wimi, you can create secured and customized file-sharing workspaces to simplify the collaboration process with your team, clients, and external partners.
Version management
You can rest assured knowing that you will always be working on the latest version of your documents while still being able to access to previous versions, including their revision histories, as needed. New versions of each file are automatically created when one team member opens and modifies any file from their Wimi Drive. At any time, you can manually upload new file versions to your Wimi online.
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Document versions
Document history
Previous versions
Solution de partage de fichiers
Wimi est une solution de partage de documents en ligne qui vous permet de gérer des fichiers de manière intelligente et structurée. Depuis votre compte Wimi, vous recréez votre arborescence de dossiers et accédez à vos données où que vous soyez. Envoyer et partager des documents au sein de vos équipes et avec vos clients n’a jamais été aussi simple. Créez des espaces de partage de fichiers personnalisables et sécurisés pour partager des fichiers.
Gestion des versions
Conservez l’historique d’un document sans aucune difficulté et ayez toujours accès à la dernière version de vos fichiers. Wimi Drive intègre un système de versionning automatique qui vous permet d’accéder aux versions antérieures d’un document modifié sur votre ordinateur.
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Synchronize your teamwork thanks to Wimi Drive!

Access all files instantly across your team’s computers and mobile devices.

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Stay synced across all computers and mobile devices

Wimi Drive file-syncing software allows you to synchronize all your files stored on Wimi directly across your own devices and those with whom you are working. Your data is saved and synced in real time. Team members are always working on the latest version of the documents and can edit them directly from their computer. When a file is modified or added on Wimi by you or a team member, the file is instantly synced across everyone’s computers. This way, your team is always up to date with the latest documents!

Automated versioning

When you edit a file from the Wimi Drive on your desktop and save it, the file sync is activated and a new version is instantly accessible via your Wimi online or mobile app. Automated versioning ensures that you can access older versions of the edited file at any time via your Wimi online.

Backup your work

Wimi Backup allows you to set regular backups of all your data stored on Wimi to any computer or device you approve. This way, you can easily retrieve unintentionally lost or deleted files.

Work when offline, from anywhere

Thanks to Wimi Drive file sync, you can always access all your files offline. Any modification to a file is automatically managed by Wimi Drive, which allows you to rest assured that you always have access to the last version of a file!

Access rights apply to Wimi Drive

Access rights apply to the Wimi Drive, which means that a user without access to a file on your Wimi online will not be able to see it in his or her local Wimi Drive.

Your security is our priority

All data in your Wimi is stored in a data center adhering to the highest industry standards and uses a cloud server infrastructure maintained and updated by industry professionals. For more information, see our Security Policy.