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Six Sigma an introductory guide for beginners

Your clients’ satisfaction is an indispensable element for your project and your company to succeed. In order to guarantee this satisfaction, you should deliver quality products that meet your clients’ requirements. However, in reality, it is often difficult to achieve constant quality as fabrication processes may vary that can lead

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product news wimi june 2020

In order to satisfy our existing customers and future customers, we are continuously developing our collaborative platform. This month, we are offering you workspace improvements and some other changes (tag classes, clickable AirTime links), in order to improve the productivity of your teams but also to make their lives easier.…

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Extreme Project Management an introductory guide for beginners

During your career as a project manager, you will be leading various and diverse projects. Some are going to be relatively easy to manage while others will require continuous adjustments and changes to satisfy the client; some might have to be abandoned for different reasons.

There is a wide choice

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Adaptive Project Framework an introductory guide for beginners

Today, the majority of projects cannot be managed using traditional project management methods because they are generally too rigid. One of the main reasons for this is that it is often difficult to precisely outline all of the project’s requirements from the outset. There are many factors that can contribute

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What are the advantages and disadvantages of videoconferencing

Videoconferencing is a great communication tool that has really taken off since lockdown. It is used by the wider public such as by professionals, this tool enables you to see and exchange with people located at a distance thanks to the telecommunication system. One can also easily organize meetings with

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Collaboration, Digital transformation

Working remotely: what are the advantages for your team?

Working remotely what are the advantages for your team

Working remotely means working outside of the company’s property, whether that be from your own home, in a shared working space or a cafe. There are many reasons to work remotely: for someone who is self-employed, they will often be on the move or they might have to stay at

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4 cybersecurity recommendations to apply to your remote work

The fight against the spread of coronavirus and the recently introduced lockdown measures forced businesses to implement remote working where possible, in order to guarantee continuity of daily operations. 

Whilst some companies are used to this way of working, they know the best practices related to remote work and own

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How to keep connected with your teams working remotely

As the coronavirus epidemic is continuing to spread, companies are asking their employees to work from home for their own safety. Those who are already accustomed to working from home will face little disruption in their daily lives, but for those who are not, the isolation measures will turn their

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That’s right, you have been appointed as a project manager for a brand new project. You are delighted and full of enthusiasm towards the idea of plunging into a new challenge.

Managing a project from A to Z is a true adventure that will bring you some great experience both …

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Remote work 5 tools

Nowadays, working from home has become more and more popular. It is true it is an ideal solution when you are regularly on the move, when there is a need to look after your children or in cases of exceptional situations like transport strikes or being in confinement in case