engagement employé collaborateurs travailler



Engaging with employees has become a new preoccupation within companies. The digital revolution encourages this, since it brings the way we work into question; corporate social networks, telecommuting, access to the corporate messaging service from home. It is said that an employee is engaged when he challenges himself for his company and when his attitude increases motivation among his coworkers. Employee engagement is defined by an active and positive attitude which takes into consideration personal satisfaction. Now that Y and Z generation are entering the business world, employee engagement is often associated with wellbeing. Indeed, an engaged employee is surely always a happy employee, however, is a happy employee going to engage himself for his company? This is the question this article will explore.

employee engagement infographic key numbers

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Le Chief Digital Officer (CDO)



The role of Chief Digital Officer (often called CDO) is a job which is being created in more and more companies around the world. But who’s the person behind the job and what roles does it entail? We answer in this article!
CDO Chief Digital Officer infographic key numbers

The Chief Digital Officer and digitalization

The CDO’s job is to guide and lead digital transformation of companies. He or she works on all aspects of this; promoting technological tools which allow accelerating growth, managing every digital team and building an overall strategy to coordinate different activities.

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productivité en été



Summer is here! Yet, to most of us, so are the days of constantly seeing your friends’ vacations on social media, nearly fainting of heatstroke on the commute to work, and thinking more about your next getaway than your next project. In short, we would rather out on a terrace, enjoying the sun, than putting in extra hours on a boring Excel file. Naturally, summer is not the best time of the year for workplace productivity; in fact, a recent study shows a decrease of 20% work rate in workers during the summer period.

Productivity at work during summer

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zapier integration automatisation wimi



From this point forward, in order to boost efficiency, our users can connect their favorite apps with Wimi using Zapier. For example, one can create an automatic task in Wimi every time they receive a certain email, or even create an automatic message in a Slack channel every time a Wimi task status is modified.


Wimi integrated to Zapier

Developed in 2012, Zapier is an app hub that allows users to automatize actions between several different apps. The platform gives access to open APIs, available for everyone. Links between different apps are called zaps, and a zap can serve to automatically generate a Wimi task whenever, for instance, one receives a new Trello or Evernote notification. You can also connect your Google Calendar to your Wimi account so that you can configure all your appointments in one, easy location, and never miss a professional meeting! The Google app acts as a trigger to an action Wimi will execute. The information received by your Wimi will automatically generate an activity such as a message in the communications channel or a task in the workspace, according to the parameters one may set. Thanks to Zapier, you are able to automatically transmit a piece of information to increase your workplace efficiency, and there are many possibilities to save time in the management of your professional or private apps.

examples of integration with wimi

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reasons why you should use collaborative tools


For most organizations, teamwork is necessary and a part of employees’ everyday life. However, communication between several individuals within the same team can sometimes seem difficult, and therefore collaborative tools have been developed for the business market. They enable professionals to be more effective in their daily tasks while setting up a more transparent communication channel. These tools are opposed to production in series while enabling several people to work on the same task. Thus, it adds value without wasting time. Collaborative tools give exploitable pieces of information that are updated regularly so that the whole project team can follow the overall progress.

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Are you aware that a happy employee is 10% to 12% more productive? Establishing a good work environment which is favorable for wellbeing, is essential for your company. A happy employee will be less absent, more productive and will boost your company’s brand. Furthermore, your employees are the first ones to talk about your company or your brand.

There are a lot of ways to improve your collaborators’ wellbeing, this article sums up the 10 easiest and most important ways.

Well-being at work

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digital workplace et transformation numérique



Digital Transformation is revolutionizing all areas, including the professional world. Digital Transformation has brought both opportunities and challenges and it has also allowed more agile ways of working. Workplaces have changed significantly over the years and tend to be more focused on collaboration. From the traditional organization to the Digital Workplace, there is a long path to walk and companies are constantly changing.

According to Upro, a Digital Workplace refers to an environment unifying all digital technologies that are used by the company: emails, direct messaging software, social networks, professional applications, virtual meetings solutions and so on.

The infographic below sums up the key numbers of Digital Transformation in companies.

Digital Workplace and digital transformation

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10 data security measures for your company



Data security is a big deal for any company. Indeed, there was an average of 200,000 cyber-attacks per day in 2016 and the numbers are increasing day by day. One breach could deeply harm your business, and this was indeed verified with the global cyber attacks of May 2017 that reached 200,000 victims in at least 150 countries.

Keeping your Data safe should be a priority for your company. So to help you with that, here are the best 10 Data Security measures you can adopt for your company and perhaps, even yourself!

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well-being at work



Well-being at work is essential. Many factors influence it so it is necessary to know them- indeed, once you consider them, you will improve your employees’ work conditions. In fact, a happy worker is 12% more productive compared to an unhappy worker who is 10% less productive.

well-being at work infographic

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article maddyness wimi



In April, Maddyness, a French startup news magazine published an article: “Facing Patriot Act, the Wimi solution seduces big companies, including Sephora”. To share the news with you, here is a summary.

Wimi was established in 2010 by Lionel Roux, who wanted to offer an adapted tool that re-thought the ways of working and communicating. Having succeeded in raising 2,5 million euros since its creation, the startup holds its expertise in productivity tools. Consequently, Wimi has managed to seduce over 50,000 companies, including big clients such as Total, Shazam, Tesla, Bank of France and Intel.

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