More and more companies across the world are using telecommuting for their employees.

Employees are likely to enjoy telecommuting because they are less stressed and are given more responsibilities. Furthermore they spent less time on transports, have less gas and transit costs.

One thing managers and directors fear is that if their employees are not supervised, they will work less. But the statistics prove that wrong: telecommuting can increase productivity up to 40 percent and reduce turnover.

Of course, you must hire the right people, people which will feel motivated even if at home, and are able to work independently without the need to be managed. You should avoid hiring employees that will need assistance in their everyday jobs. Your employees at home should also be good on communicating with their coworkers.



You must embrace new communication technologies, and not only emails! There are a lot of solutions in order to improve communication (Wimi is one of them)! If your employees use these tools, they will be more productive­­! Chat applications, tasks manager and agendas are very useful.




Setting expectations and goals is also very important: Whether they are short or long term, your employees must know what is expected from them so they can organize their time and have a clear schedule.


Progress tracking is also something to think of. Because you can’t know what your employees have been up to you can ask them to send a daily or weekly message with their accomplishments.


So, as a conclusion, we will say that telecommuting strengthens a company, creates invested, efficient and happy employees and if you’re not already doing it, you should think of it. New technologies and the digital era has changed our way of working and we should embrace it.


If you’re considering letting your employees telecommute, you can try Wimi for free, it’s an all-in-one solution that will facilitate the communication between all people concerned.



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