SecNumCloud qualification in progress (ANSSI)

Wimi wishes to reach the highest level of
safety recognized in France to date

With a high and increasingly sophisticated cyber threat, the choice of a secure and sovereign cloud solution represents a major strategic challenge for public and private players. Faced with this observation, ANSSI has set up a security repository that guarantees the best level of security and technical protection in the world: SecNumCloud.

Free yourself from security constraints, work
with a trusted partner

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of Importance

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of state

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Companies that have sensitive data

By choosing Wimi, you directly benefit from the best security practices recommended by ANSSI and you have a proven collaborative platform providing you with an advanced level of technical and legal protection for your data.

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SecNumCloud covers more than 360 points of requirements
around 14 security themes

The SecNumCloud repository guarantees an optimal level of security and assures you that the slightest incident will be detected and will have limited consequences for your organization. You have the assurance of compliance with the best security practices recommended by ANSSI.

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Security policy
information and
risk management
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Organization of
some information
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Safety of
wimi circle identity - Wimi
Access control
and management
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Physical and environmental security
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Security related to
wimi circle security - Wimi
Communications Security
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Acquisition, development and maintenance of information systems
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with third parties
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Incident management
related to information security
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Information business continuity
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Summary table: what can you expect
of a qualified SecNumCloud actor?

Some players take advantage of a lack of knowledge of the market to “surf” the SecNumCloud trend. Here are the respective security perimeters of a qualified SecNumCloud actor, of an unqualified actor who only has SecNumCloud hosting and CSPN software.

SecNumCloud Requirement Themes SecNumCloud Editors
E.g. Wimi (in progress)
Unqualified editors
+ SecNumCloud Hosting
CSPN Software
related to code security
Security organization
  • CISO, Security Policy
  • Risk management
  • Process, documentation, updates
  • Asset management, …
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Human Resources Security
  • Contracts, verification
  • Charters
  • Access control
  • Identity management…
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Safety commitments
  • Security Assurance Plan
  • Audit
  • Informations
  • PCA / PRA, …
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The software publisher’s security processes
  • Access to production environments
  • Backups, restore
  • Automatic detection of usage anomalies
  • Management of security incidents,…
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Software security (code)
  • Cryptology
  • Regular penetration tests
  • Security features (e. strong password, MFA,…)
  • Continuous training of developers,…
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Hosting Security (Servers)
  • Physical and environmental security
  • Centralization of machine logs
  • Partitioning of customer data
  • Analysis and correlation of events, …
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We offer full legal protection against extraterritorial laws

Wimi is a 100% French independent company, founded in Paris in 2010. Our SaaS solution is hosted by a French host and physically located in metropolitan France. We guarantee customers that none of their data will be accessed, transferred or processed outside the European Union.
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Wimi wishes to become the first collaborative suite labeled Cloud de Confiance

The priority of the Government’s Cloud policy is to offer the highest level of protection for the data of public and private organizations. We have shared this vision for more than 10 years at Wimi. The Cloud de Confiance label offers a double level of security (technical and legal) and allows French organizations to benefit from the most secure Cloud solutions on the market.

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Questions/answers about the SecNumCloud

Who is ANSSI ?

The National Information Systems Security Agency is a French service in charge of supporting the Prime Minister on matters related to defense and national security. If we had to popularize its function, we would say that it is the "RSSI of the French State". It is the most competent authority in matters of cybersecurity and sovereignty in France.

Does the SecNumCloud qualification protect against extraterritorial laws?

No. This is why Wimi goes further. We are a French company, based in Paris, founded by 2 French people. All our servers are in France. Working with Wimi guarantees you legal protection against extraterritorial laws (Ex: Cloud Act, Patriot Act, etc.).

Does a SaaS actor who hosts his solution with a SecNumCloud qualified host become SecNumCloud qualified?

No. Be careful, some publishers play with an ambiguity that should not deceive you. Hosting your solution with a qualified SecNumCloud host is relevant from a security point of view, but you have no guarantee that the publisher itself has the highest security standards.

What is the difference between the ISO 27001 standard and the SecNumCloud?

Le SecNumCloud se veut plus précis et spécifique car il prend en compte tous les aspects du cloud afin de garantir que l’ensemble des processus soit fiable et sécurisé à tous les niveaux : technique, physique, organisationnel et contractuel.