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Centralize teamwork: people and projects in one single tool.

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Centralize teamwork, work smarter and faster across your organization

Teams, activities — gathered in one single tool. Easily share files, set priorities and improve team communication.

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Manage on-going activities

Create tasks and track progress made on your on-going activites. Plan ahead and make sure everyone knows it’s priorities.

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Teamwork — made easy

Share files effortlessly with you team. Make sure you always have access to the latest version of a document. Access your files from anywhere, even offline. Edit files online and move work forward.

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Communicate efficiently and in real-time

Ease communication within your teams with Wimi AirTime and discussions channels. Improve collaboration with your client thanks to Wimi AirTime videoconferencing and screen-sharing features.

Everything you need to work smarter

The best features you need to move work forward are in Wimi.

  • Wimi Drive
  • Task management
  • Shared Calendars
  • Reporting
  • Messaging Channels
  • Videoconferencing & Screen-sharing
  • Free Guests
  • 200+ Features

We are a nation-wide agency with multiple locations, our teams are spread across different cities and are led to work together on different projects. Thanks to Wimi, we centralize data and market intelligence and make it available to all locations. Teamwork has never been so easy.

Jonathan Lambert

Jonathan Lambert

Founder & CEO, Distorbia


personnalisation - WimiUnified Workspaces

Unified workspaces allows us to centralize all our data: messaging, files, tasks, priorities, meetings and milestones. When a new project begins, we create a new workspaces and invite participants.

partage documents - WimiFile Sharing & Wimi Drive
We produce files — a lot, Wimi helps us staying organized and allows us to access all our data on the go, including from our smartphones.
features channel icon - WimiMessaging Channels
Messaging channels are by far our favorite feature in Wimi. It is a fun and efficient way to interact together, discuss hot topics, make quick decisions and share information with our entire team. Thanks to AirTime videoconferencing and screen-sharing features, we are able to collaborate with external contributors very easily.

Common Project Management for Multi-Sites Teams Q&A

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Is Wimi designed for multi-site teams?

Wimi is available in 9 languages and automatically adapts to the time zone you are in. The centralization of data allows you to reach your objectives faster (15 to 25% productivity on average) wherever your employees are located.

What features are useful for multi-site teams?

Wimi AirTime: Visio with screen sharing. Chat/channel: that easily replaces emails. To-do list: and their progress in reporting. Shared calendars: to follow everyone's schedule.

Can you train my employees to use Wimi remotely?

Absolutely! You can follow one of our webinars or schedule free private coaching sessions. A knowledge base is also at your disposal.

Is Wimi an interesting alternative to Slack?

Wimi gathers in a single platform all the bricks necessary for the agility and productivity of the teams when they work on a project or an activity. The solution is sovereign (data hosted in France) and guests are free. Feel free to create a Wimi account to get an idea.

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