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Our Story

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Lionel Roux


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Antoine Duboscq


Wimi was born with the idea that the efficiency of teamwork is still far below its full potential today. When Lionel Roux and Antoine Duboscq (founder of the startup studio adVentures) created Wimi in 2010, they had already jointly accumulated more than 30 years of management, entrepreneurial and consulting experience. Both believed that while it is true that Office automation tools have significantly improved individual productivity, far too much time and energy was still being wasted on basic teamwork tasks.

Five years ago, it was clear that no solution on the market was adequately addressing this issue. Back then, companies were instead designing specialized tools like file and task-sharing modules. Of course anything was better than nothing, but those specialized tools were clearly incomplete and it quickly became difficult to juggle such a wide range of disparate tools. Instead of trying to work with what was available, Lionel and Antoine decided to build their own tool with a single objective: facilitate teamwork by covering all essential workflow needs through an intuitive interface. Wimi was founded on the belief that teams can boost their productivity and benefit from the full power of their teamwork with a fully-integrated, user-friendly tool.

Wimi in a few key dates

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Wimi is founded with the goal of helping companies make teamwork simpler and more efficient

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Recruitment of Wimi core team

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1,150 companies using Wimi; First fundraising round

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32,900 companies use Wimi; “#1 Project Management Software” in Europe according to GetApp (Gartner)

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25,140 companies using Wimi; New office in San Francisco; Second fundraising round

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11,800 companies using Wimi; Selected for the French Tech Tour US & French Tech Tour China

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43,200 companies use Wimi in more than 120 countries

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R&D Program Wimi V6 (target: summer 2017); Enterprise Offer launch

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Launch of KROQI, the digital platform serving construction and development players

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More than 70,000 companies equipped, Wimi V7 R&D program

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Launch of Plano, the collaborative platform for government officials, start of the SecNumCloud qualification (ANSSI)

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Fundraising of 1.2 million euros, 55,000 companies,Wimi Armoured

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Wimi has been selected for the France 2030 program in the Call for Projects ‘Sovereign Collaborative Suites,’ and is also a French Tech 2030 laureate.

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Our values

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Team spirit, trust, benevolence

The efficiency and productivity of teams depends on these three pillars. We stay positive and focus on solving problems rather than creating them.

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Resilience and agility

Our market is like the world today: full of unforeseen circumstances and challenges. We are constantly adapting and remaining flexible to find solutions and achieve our goals.

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Integrity and security

Our market is like the world today: full of unforeseen circumstances and challenges. We are constantly adapting and remaining flexible to find solutions and achieve our goals.

Do you recognize yourself in these values?

Our offices

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Paris - France

112 rue Réaumur
75002, Paris

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Sophia Antipolis – France

1501 route des Dolines
06560 Sophia Antipolis