1,000 ways to turn Teamwork into success!

We have grouped examples of use by sector, team, and use to show you how to turn your projects and activities into successes with Wimi.



Build a relationship of trust with your clients and manage their projects successfully, without stress.


Carry out your client projects, from the design of the building to the finished product.

Design office

From data interpretation to execution plan, manage your customer projects efficiently.

Consulting firm

For a one-off or long-term assignment, manage the resolution of customer issues from A to Z.

Territorial community

Facilitate collaboration with all stakeholders (department heads, agents, elected officials) and ensure your projects are successful.


Your financial, tax, or legal missions carried out in compliance with customer requirements.


From the young shoot to the unicorn, lay the foundations for a healthy and scalable team collaboration.


Put all the chances on your side to succeed in your group projects and obtain concrete results.



Manage your strategy and your team, from campaign design to implementation.


Track the activity of your sales team, optimize performance, sign more customers.


Turn your product launches into success, set your milestones and ensure deadlines are met.

Human resources

Manage your recruitment interviews, welcome new employees and much more.


Manage performance-related projects, budget reviews, and more all in one place.


Plan your team sprints, track bug fixes, and offer more visibility to teams.


Project management

Keep your projects running smoothly, collaborate easily, and achieve your goals.


Simply manage work remotely and give your teams the best tools to stay efficient.


Ensure smooth communication with geographically separated entities.

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