Cloud: Path to the Podium

Cloud: Path to the Podium

cloud path podium
Posted by Josh Cole, on Thursday 27 February 2014, updated on Tuesday 29 November 2022

Here’s a provocative article from the guys at Accenture about how a maturing cloud can radically improve your productivity. At Wimi we’re excited to be part of this ongoing conversation.


There is some challenging commentary on what it will take for cloud technologies to become ‘gold medal winners’ in the near future.


I strongly recommend reading their article for yourself, but here are some of the points that struck me, ‘out of the box’.


For cloud to really maximise its productivity potential it must do three things:


1. Embed collaborative tech within business processes, not merely digitize old ones.


2. Develop new ways of working that can change  teams’ collaborative behaviours in new exciting ways.


3. Enable new, more flexible ways of hiring and collaborating with outside talent.



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