6 tech trends to watch in 2023.

6 tech trends to watch in 2023.

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Posted by Benjamin Hermitte, on Wednesday 24 January 2024

The tech sector is constantly evolving. Every year, news sources such as CES Las Vegas, the biggest tech show, the communication agency Wunderman Thompson and its annual report The Future 100 or the studies of CB Insight or Gartner, inform us about the new technological trends to follow.

Here is a summary of the 6 trends to watch in 2023.

Digital accessibility

Internet browsing is not always simple for those with disabilities. Did you know that the 2005 law on equal rights and opportunities includes provisions for digital accessibility? Despite this, according to a report by the defender of rights, only 40% of public websites will be accessible to people with disabilities by February 2022.

Companies must therefore rethink their digital environments with the goal of making them more accessible to everyone if they want to improve navigation and user experience for all Internet users.

For instance, using contrasting colours makes it easier for colourblind or visually impaired people to read; enlarging icons, buttons, and characters makes navigation simpler; and carefully planning the description of non-textual elements to promote the use of assistive technologies for navigation.

Making your website accessible is now not only required, but also a component of an inclusive strategy. For more information, go to the government’s website on digital accessibility.

The rise of super apps

A super app is a single application that performs all functions. WeChat in China is the most well-known example, but there are others, including Alipay in China, Paytm in India, Rappi in Latin America, and Yassir in Africa. These super apps collect offers and services that consumers and/or employees can use daily, such as purchases in a store, ordering a meal, having groceries delivered, taking public transportation, or booking a trip.

Companies may therefore adopt super apps in the coming years to combine the functionality of multiple applications and a wide range of services in a single ecosystem. The goal is to replace the multitude of apps currently in use by using just one application to do everything (manage tasks, communicate with your team, share information with your customers, and so on).

The metaverse

In 2022, there was a lot of talk about the metaverse. To refresh your memory, it is an immersive and shared virtual world accessible via any connected device (smartphones, computers, tablets, and virtual reality (VR) headsets) in which you can walk around as your avatar and pay with digital currencies. The metaverse provides enhanced immersive experiences and allows for the organization of one-of-a-kind events such as concerts or recruitment sessions.

As a result, the metaverse is expected to expand further, as it offers intriguing business opportunities. In industries such as aerospace, logistics, and manufacturing, industrial and corporate metaverses are used to test future scenarios, new products, and design tomorrow’s innovations.

According to Gartner, the metaverse will be device-independent and not owned by a single vendor, but rather a collective 3D virtual space with its own virtual economy. The idea is that it will evolve into an ecosystem of interconnected virtual worlds in which providers must collaborate rather than compete.

The immersive web

In the future, the Internet will no longer be composed solely of websites with two-dimensional pages that you scroll through on your computer screen. The emergence of the metaverse has pushed the Internet to transform itself into a three-dimensional world in which you can walk around and navigate using a virtual reality headset. The aim is to better capture the attention of Internet users and to give them a unique and different experience.

The immersive web can take several forms: perceptual immersion (creating a universe), narrative immersion (telling a story), social immersion (creating a community) and desire immersion (arousing desire). For users to have a distinct and memorable experience, brands will need to develop universes into which their users can fully immerse themselves online.

The multicloud

Companies are increasingly relying on various cloud services and private or public cloud providers. This is referred to as multi-cloud. This is because businesses have unique needs and requirements that a single cloud service provider can rarely meet. As a result, multiple cloud providers must be used.

Multicloud will continue to grow because it provides greater flexibility to businesses and enables them to better protect themselves and back up their data in the event of a failure of the primary cloud, for example.


Companies are making sustainability a priority. The main technological developments in 2023 will have to consider the issue of sustainable development. Companies will need to have solutions that meet environmental, social, and governance (ESG) criteria. Technology must be used to assist organizations in meeting their business and sustainability goals.

By 2023, any company that wants to invest in technology will have to consider the environmental impact of that investment, or whether it promotes more sustainable business practices. Solutions must also be put in place to assist customers in meeting their own sustainability goals.

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