7 reasons why you should use collaborative tools

7 reasons why you should use collaborative tools

reasons why you should use collaborative tools
Posted by Wimi Staff, on Tuesday 25 July 2017, updated on Tuesday 29 November 2022


For most organizations, teamwork is necessary and a part of employees’ everyday life. However, communication between several individuals within the same team can sometimes seem difficult, and therefore collaborative tools have been developed for the business market. They enable professionals to be more effective in their daily tasks while setting up a more transparent communication channel. These tools are opposed to production in series while enabling several people to work on the same task. Thus, it adds value without wasting time. Collaborative tools give exploitable pieces of information that are updated regularly so that the whole project team can follow the overall progress.


·       But what is collaborative work?

Collaborative work is a kind of work which isn’t found in traditional ranked organization but is based on collaboration between several workers which is possible because of new information and communications technologies (NICT). In consequence, collaborative tools are technological tools that will permit teams to communicate better on different projects.


This article will give you 7 reasons why it is interesting for you to use a collaborative tool.


·       You receive too many emails

Is your mailbox full? Did you receive the same file in 5 different versions?  So of course, you don’t know which one is the one you need!

23% of workers think emails harm their productivity, moreover, the time spent to manage them constitutes 28% of  total work time.

Emails have revolutionized communication (whether personal or professional) and have facilitated many exchanges, however using a chat tool which is divided into projects is way more practical.

There’s no need to write again and again  ‘Hello’, ‘Best Regards’ and so on at each and every email you write. With a chat tool, you can talk to your colleagues, suppliers, and clients as if it was a Facebook conversation or a text conversation, with more short and immediate messages. You can also often add emojis, gifs, pictures, files and so on.


·       You feel like you are wasting your time being in meetings

Your time is valuable. Sometimes work meetings can feel like a waste of time, and as a matter of fact, 23% of workers feel that way. Meetings make people share the important pieces of information so most managers think they are indispensable however with a collaborative tool, most of them can be avoided because communication is more transparent and more effective.


·       You are a little lost about your team projects’ progress

Who does what? How much have we progressed? Are the prioritised tasks complete? Are there some problems with the projects? Are the deadlines fast approaching? The more people there are working on a project, the more difficult it is to follow the project’s evolution from all involved workers. Collaborative tools can be very useful for that problem because you can easily follow the project step by step,  who does what and so on.  This is especially so with a tool which includes tasks management.


·       You really don’t know which tasks are the most important.

When you are working on a lot of projects, it can get difficult to know which one to begin with. Collaborative tools can help you place priorities and get a clear vision of the different deadlines.


·       Sharing documents has become a puzzle

Knowing which version of a document is the last one and being sure about the safety of shared documents can easily become challenges. A cloud tool enables you to have access to all documents from anywhere and to be always updated.


·       You have organization issues

You really don’t know anymore to whom the tasks are assigned to, who does what and when are the deadlines…

When working in teams, work organization can get difficult. However, a collaborative tool can help you see clearer who is assigned to the different tasks and when they are due so the work organization is improved.


·       You want to increase your team’s productivity

Collaborative tools allow you to gain time, they make you avoid useless tasks and they make you see clearer the projects’ progress in a simple way.


·       What if you used Wimi?

Wimi is a collaborative tool you can use in order to solve these 7 problems that you can encounter in your daily work life. Wimi enables you to manage, store and share documents, plan your next meetings, communicate with your teams with a chat tool, and organize the different projects’ tasks and to-do lists. Click here to visit our website and here to start your free trial period.


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