Zapier connects Wimi to all your apps

Zapier connects Wimi to all your apps

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Posted by Wimi Staff, on Tuesday 1 August 2017, updated on Sunday 16 May 2021



From this point forward, in order to boost efficiency, our users can connect their favorite apps with Wimi using Zapier. For example, one can create an automatic task in Wimi every time they receive a certain email, or even create an automatic message in a Slack channel every time a Wimi task status is modified.


Wimi integrated to Zapier

Developed in 2012, Zapier is an app hub that allows users to automatize actions between several different apps. The platform gives access to open APIs, available for everyone. Links between different apps are called zaps, and a zap can serve to automatically generate a Wimi task whenever, for instance, one receives a new Trello or Evernote notification. You can also connect your Google Calendar to your Wimi account so that you can configure all your appointments in one, easy location, and never miss a professional meeting! The Google app acts as a trigger to an action Wimi will execute. The information received by your Wimi will automatically generate an activity such as a message in the communications channel or a task in the workspace, according to the parameters one may set. Thanks to Zapier, you are able to automatically transmit a piece of information to increase your workplace efficiency, and there are many possibilities to save time in the management of your professional or private apps.

examples of integration with wimi

Zapier has integrated more than 750 different web or desktop apps. Among the most popular, we can quote Evernote, Slack, Gmail, Trello, MailChimp, Intercom, Buffer and most Social Networks. Zapier claims that good tools enable one to get 10 times more impact for the same amount of time.


Saving time

The proliferation of productivity tools is not always a gain in efficiency. As a result, information is dispersed and communication mediums are far apart. In order to resolve dispersion and subdivision of information, our team wishes to allow our users to integrate Wimi with the apps they love to use.

Connecting several apps is a real benefit of time, energy, and productivity. Do not look for information along every single app, but instead, centralize it for easy access to you and your team.


What is Wimi?

Wimi is a workplace management solution, which specializes on teamwork, providing all the tools you need to work with teams in a transparent and effective way.

Wimi enables users to create work spaces in a few clicks (for a project or a group activity) including the following functionalities:

  • Communication channel
  • Document management + Wimi Drive
  • Task management in an agile way
  • Shared calendar + Outlook & smartphones synchronization
  • Chat, Video and screen sharing
  • Reporting


Wimi’s integration to Zapier improves centralization of data, tools, and projects. With all these tools, Wimi permits you to manage efficiently and simplify your projects, while making teamwork fluid, and increasing performance. Visit our website and enjoy a free-of-charge trial period.

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