Why does centralising your communication increase productivity?

Why does centralising your communication increase productivity?

Posted by Benjamin Hermitte, on Wednesday 12 July 2023

In the workplace, communication is essential. Whether it’s passing instructions to colleagues, providing crucial information about a project or client, or talking to your team to solve a problem, it’s essential to be able to communicate easily throughout the day.

Today, there’s many ways to communicate in the workplace: instant messaging applications, SMS, software for making video and audio calls, corporate social networks, leaving comments on documents, not to mention the traditional e-mail and telephone.

However, all of these means of communication can be confusing and ultimately detrimental to your employees’ productivity. Instead of concentrating on their tasks, they can find themselves juggling the different communication tools at their disposal, and can waste valuable time choosing the most appropriate tool to send a file, start a group discussion or retrieve important information.

Find out what the benefits of centralising your exchanges are and why it can increase the productivity of your teams.

Use all-in-one software

The key to facilitating communication, avoiding confusion, and reducing time lost is to opt for an all-in-one software, such as Wimi, where all your communications are grouped. What’s more, all your documents and all the information you need on a daily basis to effectively manage your projects are grouped as well.

For example, on Wimi, your projects and activities are organised in the form of workspaces that bring together all the files, exchanges and resources you need to complete your project. And each workspace has its own dedicated communication channel.

Why does centralising your communication improve productivity?

Find out why your employees are more efficient and effective when communication is centralised.

You save time

If you’re using multiple communication software and apps, chances are you’re wasting time juggling different tools to send a message or retrieve information or a file. Was this document sent by email, via instant messaging, or is it stored on the server? To avoid this, you could send the same document through the different channels, but again, this is a waste of time.

By centralising your exchanges, your employees can easily find a document linked to a task, an important conversion or crucial information. They no longer waste time on secondary or low value-added tasks (such as searching the various communication applications for a piece of information), so they can concentrate on their priority tasks. With less time wasted on retrieving information, they are more productive in their day-to-day work.

You reduce confusion

Sometimes, when your employees have too many tools at their disposal, they don’t know which one to use to pass on information or share a document. More importantly, they may miss important information because they have missed a message.

Multiple communication tools can create confusion and chaos within your company. This can be detrimental to the productivity of your teams and the success of your project, because if important information is not read by the right person, the consequences for a project can be critical (delays, budget overruns, etc.).

By choosing a single communication channel and/or centralising your exchanges, you can greatly reduce confusion and ensure that everyone involved in the project has access to the right information at the right time.

You can share your documents more easily

In the past, to share a document, you had to send it by e-mail or send it by USB key with the risk of also transmitting a virus. Often, files that are too large cannot be sent by e-mail, and another solution has to be found. And when they do get through, there is a risk of them being lost or deleted by mistake. In short, it isn’t ideal, and productivity suffered.

Today, with collaborative platforms like Wimi and centralised communication, it is much easier to share documents. Files are stored in a single space, organised by project and easily accessible via a search engine. The latest versions are automatically updated to avoid duplicates, while keeping the history of changes. You can even preview and edit documents online. Most importantly, you can easily control access to documents and who can edit them.

Finally, sharing large files has never been easier: you simply send a download link or a share link to the recipients. A more efficient system that clearly improves team productivity.

You make it easier for new employees to start work

By centralising all the exchanges, documents and resources of a project on the same platform, you can easily integrate a new employee onto the project. You no longer need to transfer all the team’s documents and conversations to them. The new employee can immediately access all the important information and exchanges in one place. They don’t waste time switching between tools, which makes it easier for them to be up and running and productive more quickly.

You are more efficient on your tasks

The fact that all your exchanges are centralised allows you to be more efficient on a daily basis. You no longer waste time looking for a file, a message or specific information since everything is stored in the same place. You also don’t receive too many notifications and alerts from (too) many apps.

Therefore, you can concentrate on your daily tasks. You are more efficient because you have everything you need at hand, and you are more relaxed because you know where and how to find a document or a conversation easily. All this contributes to improving your daily productivity and ensuring the success of your projects.

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