Why well-being at work is so important and how to improve it

Why well-being at work is so important and how to improve it

well-being at work
Posted by Alice Le, on Friday 19 May 2017, updated on Sunday 16 May 2021



Well-being at work is essential. Many factors influence it so it is necessary to know them- indeed, once you consider them, you will improve your employees’ work conditions. In fact, a happy worker is 12% more productive compared to an unhappy worker who is 10% less productive.

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Have you heard of the term: employee experience? This concept was derived from customer’s experience refers to the interactions between collaborators and employers. Developing the employee’s experience allows employees to feel a sense of belonging to the company.

Taking regular breaks also allows your employees to work better. Taking a lunch break is very important for productivity. Many companies understand that and provide nap rooms, ping pong tables and so on. In the Wimi office, workers often gather to play Foosball table. Ideally, the perfect rest ratio is 52 minutes work to 17 minutes rest.

Fatigue and stress are absolute obstacles to well-being in the office, but having flexible schedules and letting your employees decide on their working hours is a good first step. Individuals are different and some work better in the morning, some in the evening. Allowing your employees to telecommute allows them to handle their personal life and their priorities better. They spend less time and money in transportation, as a consequence, they will feel less fatigue but also less stress because their work environment is less disturbing.

In order to communicate with your teams that are telecommuting, you can always use Wimi, the all-in-one solution for collaborative work which gathers everything you need to work efficiently with your teams. You can try it for free here.

The work environment is a key consideration for your employees to complete their tasks faster as well. Enjoyable offices with added-in amenities dedicated to well-being will stimulate productivity. You can put all kind of simple amenities into place- a few ideas are coffee makers, staff rooms, and technology equipment.

Have you ever heard of Chief Happiness Officers? This profession was born in the Silicon Valley and is spreading around the world. The CHO’s role is to make employees happier in order to improve their efficacy.

Now, you have everything you need to make your employees happier, yet also more productive and grateful.

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