The best social networks for business

The best social networks for business

Posted by Benjamin Hermitte, on Wednesday 26 April 2023

In companies, internal communication is essential to develop employees’ sense of belonging, strengthen their commitment and maintain their motivation. It also helps to bind teams together and to involve employees in the life of the company. Finally, internal communication is essential to facilitate collaboration between team members, especially if they are geographically dispersed or teleworking.

Today, corporate social networks (CSN) have become an essential internal communication tool. It allows all employees of the company to be connected, regardless of their hierarchical level or function. It encourages the exchange of information and the sharing of ideas, develops knowledge sharing and encourages the creation of internal communities.

Are you thinking of acquiring a corporate social network? Check out our comparison of the 10 best CSR solutions currently on the market.

1. Wimi, a highly secure French collaborative suite

Wimi is a 100% French, highly secure and SecNumCloud online collaboration suite. From the task manager to the internal social network, including instant messaging and shared calendars, Wimi offers all the essential tools to facilitate team collaboration, manage your projects, communicate internally and effectively manage your documents. All this while offering an optimal user experience and the best in cyber security. Its customers include Groupama, Vinci and the French Ministry of Ecological Transition.

Main features

  • Chat channels and a video conferencing system to communicate in real time.
  • A corporate social network to connect all employees.
  • A document storage and sharing space to centralise all your files.
  • A task manager and shared diaries to manage your projects efficiently.
  • Access rights management to control access to data.
  • A reporting tool to evaluate your team’s performance and monitor project progress.
  • The sovereignty of client data, hosted by a French service provider located in mainland France.


  • Wimi is not only an internal social network, but an all-in-one collaborative tool.


  • Paid offers from 3 € per user per month. Decreasing price according to the number of users.
  • Special offers for students and associations.
  • Free 14-day trial.


2. Talkspirit, the internal social network made in France

Talkspirit is a corporate social network of French origin that enables companies, institutions and associations to improve their internal communication, to make the flow of information more fluid and to boost interaction and collaboration between employees. Available in 8 languages, this digital solution offers all the essential tools for better day-to-day communication between employees, wherever they may be.

Talkspirit’s clients include Gîtes de France, DHL and Secours populaire.

Main features

  • A news feed to easily and continuously follow all the communications that concern you.
  • A chat and a videoconference tool to facilitate exchanges between employees.
  • A tool for organising surveys.
  • The creation of internal groups and communities to develop your employees’ sense of belonging.
  • Document sharing and co-editing to facilitate collaboration.
  • A shared diary for better organisation and time management.


  • Talkspirit is aimed more at SMEs than at large companies.


  • Paid packages from 5 € per month and per user. Preferential conditions for associations, schools and universities.
  • Free 15-day trial period.


3. Workplace, the CSR created by Facebook

Facebook, one of the most popular social networks in the world, has developed its own social network for companies: Workplace. This tool looks like Facebook and works like Facebook. Its interface is therefore familiar and accessible. Workplace helps to improve internal communication and develop your corporate culture. It integrates easily with your favourite tools.

Nestlé, Spotify and Deliveroo are among the companies that have chosen Workplace.

Key features

  • Live video streaming.
  • Group creation to foster a sense of belonging.
  • A knowledge library that makes it easy to create and share content.
  • A news feed that delivers information based on past interests and interactions.
  • Machine translation in 91 languages.


  • The Workplace platform is primarily designed for large companies.
  • As a US company, Workplace is subject to the Cloud Act.


  • From €4 per person, per month, with the possibility of adding add-ons.
  • Free 30-day trial.

facebook workplace

4. Yammer, the corporate social network of Microsoft 365

To complete the set of collaborative tools in the Microsoft 365 suite, the American giant has designed its corporate social network called Yammer. This tool makes it possible to improve communication within teams, strengthen employee commitment, form exchange groups and organise live events.

Yammer’s clients include Virgin Trains, Fruit of the Loom and British Airways.

Key features

  • Dissemination of information for internal company communication.
  • Organisation of live events.
  • Creation of communities around common interests.
  • Sharing documents and knowledge.
  • Use of surveys to obtain quick feedback.


  • Microsoft is subject to the Cloud Act.
  • Yammer is part of the Microsoft 365 suite. You cannot use it alone.


  • From €6.70 per user per month for the Microsoft 365 suite with Yammer included.
  • Free one-month trial.


5. Jamespot, a French software for internal communication

Jamespot is a French software publisher that offers a corporate social network that can be fully configured to your needs. It is the ideal tool for sharing information, promoting interaction and collaboration between employees, and strengthening the link between users. In addition, Jamespot offers multiple business applications to increase team productivity.

Among the companies that have chosen Jamespot are the Renault Group, Assurance Maladie and France Mutualiste.

Main features

  • A platform that can be customised to your needs.
  • An activity flow to follow the information that concerns you.
  • Centralized internal communication.
  • Creation of discussion groups.
  • Varied content (articles, audio notes and videos) for diversified communication.


  • The monthly cost of the platform must be added to the subscription price.


  • Different solutions from €4 per user per month.
  • Special rates for associations and companies in the field of education.
  • Free 30-day trial.


6. LumApps, a unique French communication platform

LumApps is a French internal communication solution that aims to connect, inform and engage employees within an organisation. LumApps aims to break down barriers, strengthen corporate culture and foster top-down and horizontal communication to unite employees. All this through a unique internal communication platform that integrates with your business tools and applications.

Etam, Veolia and Galeries Lafayette are among LumApps’ clients.

Main features

  • Creation of rich and varied content (videos, newsletters, news, etc.).
  • Polling to get quick feedback.
  • An activity feed to keep track of the news that concerns you.
  • A community calendar to display key meetings and events.
  • Partnership with Microsoft 365 and Google Workspace.


  • No free trial.
  • Linked to Google and Microsoft collaboration solutions, therefore subject to Cloud Act.


  • Prices are on request.


7. Jive, an innovative CSR

Like all corporate social networks, Jive aims to increase employee engagement by facilitating internal communication, collaboration, content and document sharing, and knowledge sharing. The tool allows employees to always be informed about what is going on within the company and not to miss out on any information that concerns them.

BMW, American Express and Dell are just a few of Jive’s many customers.

Key features

  • PeopleGraph™ technology that provides intelligent search capabilities and delivers a personalised experience.
  • A data analytics tool to see how your employees are collaborating.
  • Varied content creation (news, videos, blog, etc.).
  • All the necessary communication tools (chat, messaging, video conferencing, groups and forums, etc.)
  • Integration with all your tools and applications.


  • American publisher subject to the Cloud Act.


  • Offers from €5 per month per user.
  • Free 30-day trial.


8. Jalios, the French CSR that stimulates innovation

The French publisher Jalios offers an effective corporate social network for organisations in all sectors. The aim is to involve and motivate employees, unite teams and strengthen links within the company. Its chat rooms allow employees to quickly find the information they are looking for. The tool also offers an “idea box” functionality to stimulate innovation and initiative-taking.

Jalios customers include the University of Strasbourg, the Brittany region and Mr.Bricolage.

Main features

  • A directory of experts to easily find the right person.
  • Chat rooms to find a solution, propose ideas or create an internal community.
  • A search tool to find content at a glance.
  • Integration with Microsoft 365 and Google


  • Jalios is first and foremost a digital workplace and does not offer the corporate social network alone.


  • Packages start at €5 per month per user.
  • Free 30-day trial.


9. Whaller, a French social and collaborative platform

Here is another 100% French, highly secure and SecNumCloud qualified social network. Whaller offers an effective collaborative solution for organisations of all sizes that want to accelerate their digital transformation. Whaller facilitates communication both internally (within a team) and externally (with customers, partners, etc.). With features such as messaging, chat, document sharing and co-editing, this CSR promotes team collaboration, while protecting your sensitive and strategic data.

Whaller’s customers include Pôle emploi, France TV and the European Commission.

Main features

  • The creation of separate networks whose information is only visible to members.
  • A directory of members and access management.
  • Integration with numerous applications such as Microsoft 365 or Google Workspace.
  • A polling tool to collect the opinions of your employees.
  • A system of personalised badges and points to thank and motivate your employees.


  • The lack of ergonomics is one of its weak points.


  • Formulas from 3 € per user and per month.
  • A standard version is free.
  • Specific offers for education-related structures.


10. Interstis, a French and responsible CSR

Interstis is both an internal social network and a 100% French and responsible collaborative tool that facilitates remote working. It is aimed at public and private organisations of all sizes, concerned about their security and environmental impact. Its many features make it an essential digital tool for simplifying collaboration and communication between employees, while promoting autonomy and strengthening the sense of belonging. Finally, Interstis is committed to digital sovereignty and data protection.

Unilever, the department of Saône-et-Loire and the town hall of Le Creusot are among the companies that have chosen Interstis.

Main features

  • Collaborative messaging and videoconferencing software.
  • An online project management tool, a shared calendar and a task manager.
  • A collaborative office suite to easily create, co-edit and share all your documents.
  • A survey tool to easily collect feedback.
  • The sovereignty of the data which is stored on servers hosted in France.


  • Interstis is essentially a collaborative suite with an internal social network as one of its features.
  • It does not offer an offline mode.


  • A la carte subscription from 15 € HT per month and per space (unlimited users).
  • Free 32-day trial.


Before choosing your corporate social network, don’t hesitate to ask for a free demo to find out how it works and what it looks like. Also take advantage of the free trial to make sure it meets your needs and is suitable for the majority of your employees.

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