The best SecNumCloud collaborative solutions

The best SecNumCloud collaborative solutions

Posted by Benjamin Hermitte, on Wednesday 12 April 2023

Phishing, ransomware and viruses, cybercrime is on the rise these days, with attacks targeting individuals as well as companies and public administrations. According to the ANSSI (French National Agency for Information Systems Security), 1082 intrusions into information systems were recorded in 2021, i.e. 37% more than in 2020 (with 786 intrusions). And according to the 7th edition of the CESIN (Club of Experts in Information and Digital Security) barometer, more than one out of two companies declares having suffered between one and three cyber attacks in 2021.

Today, data security has become an absolute priority for all companies in all sectors. But how can you be sure that the service provider you have chosen is doing everything possible to protect your data? The answer is the SecNumCloud label, a qualification offered by the ANSSI to enable cloud service providers to show that they offer one of the highest levels of security on the market and that they comply with good data protection practices. In addition, this qualification is in line with the requirements of Vitality Organisations (VIOs).

Here is our comparison of the best collaborative solutions qualified or in the process of being qualified by SecNumCloud.

1. Wimi, a highly secure collaborative suite

To manage your projects efficiently, Wimi, a 100% French company, offers you a collaborative platform with all the essential features such as a task manager, a shared calendar, instant messaging, a videoconference system, etc. Regarding the protection of your data, hosting is entrusted to a French host physically located in France. The major advantage of Wimi is that it is one of the first collaborative suites that has taken the steps to be qualified SecNumCloud.

Groupama, the Musée d’Orsay and Vinci are among the companies that use Wimi.

Main features

  • Discussion channels, instant messaging and an audio and video call system to facilitate exchanges.
  • A task manager, a shared calendar, unified workspaces and document sharing.
  • A reporting tool to evaluate team performance and analyse the progress of your projects.
  • The ability to invite external people for free and the management of access rights to control access to data.
  • Integration of Wimi with your favourite tools.


  • Paid offers from 3 € per user and per month. Decreasing price according to the number of users.
  • Special offers for students and associations.
  • 14-day free trial.

2. Whaller, a complete social and collaborative platform

The French company Whaller is positioned as a trusted platform for secure collaboration, communication and file storage. This collaborative solution facilitates teamwork and promotes internal and external communication by offering all the essential tools for your employees to be efficient and productive on a daily basis. In terms of security, Whaller has teamed up with OVHcloud, the French cloud computing and web hosting giant that is SecNumCloud qualified, in order to offer a sovereign and European solution.

Among the companies that trust Whaller are Pôle Emploi, the French Ministry of Defence and the European Commission.

Main features

  • Fully customisable organisation.
  • An integrated office suite.
  • A comprehensive toolkit to foster collaboration and track progress.
  • Rewards and a virtual shop to boost your employees’ motivation.
  • Integration with a wide range of applications including Microsoft 365 and Google Workspace.


  • A free standard version.
  • Paid packages from €3 per user per month.
  • Specific offers for education-related organisations.

3. Oodrive, a trustworthy French collaborative suite

Oodrive is a French collaborative suite that enables you to collaborate, communicate, share and facilitate work thanks to various tools. In particular, you have a secure workspace, a videoconferencing tool, and a system for backing up and restoring your data. You can also integrate your favourite professional applications. Finally, Oodrive offers SecNumCloud private cloud services that guarantee security, sovereignty and compliance.

Companies that have chosen Oodrive include Orange, Dassault Aviation and Société Générale.

Main features

  • A highly secure working environment.
  • The organisation of remote meetings.
  • The ability to electronically sign all your documents.
  • Secure storage and sharing of all your digital content.
  • Creation of customised integrations.


  • A subscription from 9 € per month per user.
  • One free trial.

4. Jalios, a digital workplace with a SecNumCloud

Jalios, the French digital workplace editor, is not directly SecNumCloud qualified, but it has chosen to host its data and those of its customers on a sovereign cloud which is SecNumCloud qualified. This is 3DS OUTSCALE.

Jalios offers an all-in-one platform that enables your employees to collaborate and communicate effectively by connecting all the tools, applications and files they use every day in their digital work environment.

Jalios customers include La Redoute, Gautier and SNCF Réseau.

Main features

  • The ability to create different types of collaborative spaces.
  • Features to promote collaboration (calendar, event planner, resource and task manager, directory, organisation chart, etc.).
  • Efficient and varied means of communication (blog, conversations, comments, surveys, etc.).
  • Creation of guest accounts to allow controlled access to external people.
  • A partnership with Microsoft 365 and Google


  • Packages from €5 per month per user.
  • Special offers dedicated to federations, NGOs and public structures.
  • Free 30-day trial.

5. Atolia, a turnkey workspace

With Atolia, you can move your projects forward more quickly and strengthen the productivity and cohesion of your teams. This French company allows you to make teamwork fluid and secure within unified workspaces. You can easily organise your projects, plan your tasks, share the right information and communicate with the right people. Atolia is not SecNumCloud certified, but for the hosting of its data, the company has chosen Outscale (Dassault Systèmes) which is based in France and SecNumCloud certified by the ANSSI.

EDF, RTL and France Sport Expertise are some of the organisations that use Atolia.

Main features

  • The creation of discussion groups by team, project or theme.
  • A complete and secure instant messaging and videoconferencing solution.
  • Shared calendars with multiple functionalities.
  • The ability to view the progress of all your projects.
  • Centralization of all your documents in one place.


  • Paid packages from €9 excl. tax per month and per user.
  • Free 30-day trial.

6. Twake, an open source collaborative tool

Twake is a French open source collaboration platform. Both simple and secure, this tool allows you to improve the productivity of your team by facilitating task management, file storage and internal communication. Twake guarantees digital sovereignty with servers based in France. For its cloud, Twake has chosen OVHcloud, the French cloud computing and web hosting giant, which is SecNumCloud qualified.

Twake is used by EDF, MTS and the European Parliament.

Main features

  • The creation of chat channels.
  • Audio and video calling tool.
  • A task manager to manage your projects efficiently.
  • A file manager to store and edit your documents, and easily manage different versions.
  • A shared calendar to create team events.


  • A free basic version.
  • Paid packages from €4.19 per user per month.

7. Jamespot, a customisable collaborative platform

Jamespot is a French software publisher that offers a fully customisable collaborative platform. The aim is to adapt this tool to your needs, requirements and challenges in terms of collaboration and internal communication. Thus, you can modify your platform so that it follows the evolution of your company, in particular by adding new business applications which will improve the productivity of your teams.

Jamespot is not SecNumCloud qualified, but has chosen to collaborate with 3DS OUTSCALE, the French SecNumCloud qualified cloud.

Jamespot’s clients include Saint Maclou, Assurance Maladie and Stockomani.

Main features

  • Four independent and complementary products to create a tailor-made product.
  • The interface is fully customizable to your needs.
  • The creation of discussion groups, information sharing, polls and activity flow for fluid and targeted internal communication.
  • Collaboration tools (co-editing of documents, calendar, videoconferencing tool, etc.).
  • Data is hosted in France.


  • Various packages from €4 per user per month.
  • Special rates for associations and companies in the field of education.
  • 30-day free trial.

To ensure your data is protected and not subject to the Cloud Act or Patriot Act, choose your collaborative platform carefully. While not all of the collaborative tools listed above are SecNumCloud qualified, they work with French cloud computing companies that are.

To find SecNumCloud qualified providers or those in the process of being qualified, visit the ANSSI website.

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