The 7 benefits of video calling in business.

The 7 benefits of video calling in business.

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Posted by Benjamin Hermitte, on Wednesday 27 December 2023

In a world increasingly focused on profitability and efficiency, businesses must innovate to remain competitive. Fortunately, with the prevalence of video conferencing technology, organisations of all sizes have been able to leverage virtual meetings to improve their operations.


Video calls can be considered as one of the greatest advances in communication technology in recent decades. As a result, many companies have begun to use this technology extensively. Video conferencing has made it easier for companies to work remotely, to maintain social distancing protocols, and to reduce travel costs. These processes eventually result in a significant increase in the pace of work and productivity across all departments.


We discuss the significance of video calling software and its six main advantages to help you get the most out of this kind of application.


What is a video conferencing solution?


A video conferencing solution is a technology that allows people to communicate with each other via an internet connection. It is then possible to hold virtual face-to-face conversations with video, audio, and text chat. It is not uncommon for such tools to also include file sharing capabilities.


With these types of software solutions, business meetings, customer interactions, and presentations can easily be conducted remotely, regardless of location. Video conferencing is becoming increasingly popular for businesses of all sizes because it eliminates the need for physical travel, saving time, money, and resources.


The essential figures for video conferencing


Some studies highlight the importance of video calling solutions. The following figures speak for themselves:


  • Nearly 50% of individuals surveyed by Owl Labs said after COVID-19 that they would not return to jobs that do not offer teleworking. It is therefore essential to acquire tools to meet this need.[1]
  • Also, according to Owl Labs, companies that choose to offer remote working possibilities via videoconferencing tools observe a notable 25% reduction in staff turnover.[2]
  • According to a Velocity Global study, 80% of respondents said that telecommuting combined with video conferencing solutions improved their job satisfaction. [3]
  • 90% of employees say that the use of video conferencing tools reduces the time needed to finalise a project. [4]


Of course, each company has different issues. However, these studies demonstrate the significant impact of videoconferencing solutions on the organisation of work, but also on the performance of companies that dare to take the plunge.



Why use such a solution?


Group calls will allow you to significantly improve your company’s performance, particularly in the context of large-scale projects involving many employees. This is because using a video solution has many interesting advantages.


  1. Increase employee productivity


First, projects run more efficiently thanks to video calls. All employees can work together. The video conferencing solution offers essential functionalities such as real-time messaging, screen sharing or document sharing.


  1. Smoother connections


Videoconferencing allows for faster connections. The ease of use and dematerialized nature of these tools eliminate friction points. Smoother connections are especially important for companies with teams spread across multiple locations.


  1. Speed up communication between teams


With the ability to start meetings on the fly whenever necessary, communication is much faster. There is no need to physically travel or prepare meeting rooms. Instead, a click on the icon on a phone or computer and all members meet to review the latest project progress.



  1. Make meetings more accessible


Offering your employees, the ability to make a video call in a few seconds, anywhere, is essential to make their daily lives easier. Joining the meeting no longer requires any effort. Depending on the best device available at the time of the meeting, whether it’s a computer, tablet, iPhone or Android smartphone, employees can connect in moments.


  1. Reduce associated costs

By no longer having to travel to have a constructive exchange, your team members no longer have unnecessary travel costs. Instead, via a simple company or personal phone, they join the meeting and start collaborating in real time.


  1. Improve team cohesion

Finally, using video conferencing is ideal for maintaining and increasing team cohesion. Especially in teleworking, the use of video is essential to maintain some form of proximity. Everyone can intervene and share their point of view. In addition, the numerous collaboration tools such as screen sharing encourage the involvement of all team members.



How to choose the right video conferencing tool?


Skype, WhatsApp, Zoom, Messenger, Google Duo, Google Meet, messaging, and video calling solutions have flourished in recent years. Many individuals have an account on one of these platforms and sometimes even the dedicated application on their mobile. However, the needs of a company and the professionals who work there are not the same as those of individuals. Therefore, it is essential to assess your needs to choose the most appropriate solution.


We recommend that you consider all of these criteria before purchasing your video calling tool:


The tool’s features: First, list your needs and evaluate each video conferencing solution. If possible, try the free price plan to see if all the features are present. These can be the number of users who can connect, screen sharing, the ability to take notes or record team meetings.


Compatibility with your IS: Next, opt for a solution that can be seamlessly integrated with your current processes. The software should be compatible with your devices and operating systems. Ideally, you should choose a SaaS tool. This will make it easier to use and update.


Ease of use: Each employee must be able to quickly get to grips with the tool you have chosen. For this reason, do not hesitate to choose the most accessible tools. Your employees will waste less time and their involvement will be reinforced.


Data security: It is also essential that the videoconferencing solution offers the data security and data privacy you require. You must not compromise on sensitive information or the privacy of your employees.


Customer support: Finally, customer support must be as responsive. This way, in case of a problem, you will quickly regain the use of your tool and the performance of your company will not be affected.

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