What are the main challenges to digital transformation in companies?

What are the main challenges to digital transformation in companies?

Transformation Digitale Enjeux
Posted by Alice Le, on Thursday 11 May 2017, updated on Tuesday 29 November 2022


When your company was born before the digital age, it faces many challenges to transform and improve the way of working your employees have. With new ways of communication, new tools, new technologies, new usages, it can get difficult to pinpoint the stakes and the possibilities, which are always evolving.

Digital is like a leap! And yes, you must jump! So here are the top 4 challenges you will face.

1)   The resistance to change

People don’t like change, and your employees either! Habits can be reassuring and change can scare a little. But digital transformation is changing everything in companies and in the work process.

Individuals who weren’t born with digital or weren’t raised with will be having trouble using new tools and new technologies. You can however help them and put in place learning sessions, or make your employees help each other to master the skills needed.


2)   What is the real vision in the digital customer journey ?

You are more likely to succeed in your digital journey if you have a digital customer value proposition. You must create a clear vision of how to meet your customers’ every digital need, set clear objectives. You must know exactly what you want or need from digital, clarify the vision.

It is normal if the digital journey is long, it’s impossible to implement everything in a short period of time.


3)   Customer Data : How to gather and leverage ?

Customer data is so important! Do you have any idea how much knowing your clients can help you with? You can determine the top 10 key attributes of your customer and set profiles. Identifying your customer can make your marketing team think in a good direction with great knowledge of who they are selling to.


4)   The legacy business model

The most recent successes have not often been about technologies that existed during the pre-digital era. Netflix is the new DVD and Uber is the new taxi for example, but today’s successes and great opportunities are in the digital! A good overall digital strategy can lead you to great innovations for a product that isn’t even digital.



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This article is inspired by this one : “5 top challenges to digital transformation in the enterprise”. All informations are provided by it.


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