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When your business operates on the frontier of new technological developments it’s important to keep getting feedback; from different areas and with reference to the potential challenges that you may be facing. It’s particularly helpful to keep monitoring the opinions of thought leaders within the community.

One such thought leader is Joe McKendrick, one of the co-authors of the SOA Manifesto (Service Oriented Architecture) put out in 2009.

There are three key points to digest and think over from this article.

A couple of days ago he penned an article talking about some of the challenges facing cloud computing. He suggests that effective leadership is the vital ingredient in nurturing success from cloud-based collaboration tools.

1. “Cloud computing is great, but everyone is adopting it – so it’s not a differentiator by itself”

Technology innovation needs to be mirrored in transformations on the business side too

2. “Cloud can be disruptive”So make the changes incrementally.

Start with pilot experiments and try to get business leaders and IT leaders working together with common goals.

3. “It’s up to business to steer things in the right direction”

He uses an analogy from The Titanic in which he compares cloud technology to the engine room which despite functioning perfectly was unable to mitigate the leadership from steering the ship into an iceberg.


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