The Digital Workplace and Digital Transformation of Companies

The Digital Workplace and Digital Transformation of Companies

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Posted by Alice Le, on Thursday 6 July 2017, updated on Tuesday 29 November 2022


Digital Transformation is revolutionizing all areas, including the professional world. Digital Transformation has brought both opportunities and challenges and it has also allowed more agile ways of working. Workplaces have changed significantly over the years and tend to be more focused on collaboration. From the traditional organization to the Digital Workplace, there is a long path to walk and companies are constantly changing.

According to Upro, a Digital Workplace refers to an environment unifying all digital technologies that are used by the company: emails, direct messaging software, social networks, professional applications, virtual meetings solutions and so on.

The infographic below sums up the key numbers of Digital Transformation in companies.

Digital Workplace and digital transformation

53% of collaborators think Digital Transformation is revolutionary. This is perceived as positive (68% think it is positive for employees and 74% think it is positive for the company) This isn’t surprising considering it allows for the development of more skills and new ways of working. Interactions are becoming more and more simple and employees see Digital Transformation as time-saving. There is a gain in both efficiency and energy. However, working rhythm tends to increase and there is more and more work to do.

Digital Transformation’s assessment is positive and negative at the same time.  Half of the workers see it as a source of stress whereas 53% see a source of well-being.

Digital Workplace is becoming more and more implemented in companies all around the world but it hasn’t revolutionized most companies since 64% of collaborators think Digital Transformation has no impact on the organization of the workplace. However, 57% express a need for informal spaces favorizing exchanges and interactions, collaborative work, creativity (53%) and relaxation (49%).

Many solutions exist in order to create an effective Digital Workplace. Different solutions with different functionalities and usages can help you to guide the Digital Transformation of your company. You can try Wimi for 14 days, free of charge, by clicking here. Wimi is an all-in-one solution that gathers all functions you need to achieve your projects efficiently.



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