A Chief Digital Officer (CDO): their role, their stakes

A Chief Digital Officer (CDO): their role, their stakes

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Posted by Wimi Staff, on Thursday 24 August 2017, updated on Monday 19 December 2022



The role of Chief Digital Officer (often called CDO) is a job which is being created in more and more companies around the world. But who’s the person behind the job and what roles does it entail? We answer in this article!
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The Chief Digital Officer and digitalization

The CDO’s job is to guide and lead digital transformation of companies. He or she works on all aspects of this; promoting technological tools which allow accelerating growth, managing every digital team and building an overall strategy to coordinate different activities.

Nowadays, individuals are increasingly connected, always with a smartphone in their hand. Digital offers both commercial opportunities, with the online presence of companies (the fact that there was a 72-billion-euro turnover in 2016 shows how much the internet is important), and internal opportunities for organizations, where we can see collaborative tools being incorporated in order to improve communication and productivity.


The number of digital related jobs increases every year; indeed, companies need a digital aspect if they want to gain market share. So, the CDO’s position is spreading in all kinds of companies all around the world, so he or she can manage the overall digital transformation and promote technological innovations to his or her colleagues. Within the 2500 biggest companies in the world, there is a Chief Digital Officer in 20% of them. This number has tripled in the past year.


France is ahead of the times compared to its European neighbors in terms of Chief Digital Officers’ recruitment, since 62% of its big groups have named one, against an average of 38% in the whole of Europe.


The Chief Digital Officer’s role

Very often, at the beginning of the digital transformation of companies, investments are separated into different services. However, the more that digitalization grows, the more the company must have a coherent overall thinking and adopt a whole strategy for all aspects of digitalization, this one is led by the Chief Digital Officer.


Digital transformation needs to be everywhere, accompanying the client and improving the customer and user experience, but also within the company digitalizing different job processes and accelerating the fluidity of communication.


The CDO has a large range of skills, because he or she needs to be competent in every digital domain. This is so that he or she is able to manage everything and talk to all services of the company, understand their different needs, whilst also being able to speak to people that are more or less inclined to use technological tools.


Wimi in Digital Transformation of companies

Wimi is a collaborative work solution which gathers all tools in order for teamwork to be fluid, transparent, quick and efficient. The interface allows you to handle tasks in an agile way, to chat with your colleagues, to save your documents online, to handle shared calendars, to do video conferences, and all this is subdivided into channels of communication that you can personalize.

Whether you are a CDO or not, you can improve the digital transformation of your company by trying Wimi, free of charge, for 14 days by clicking here!


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