5 reasons to use a collaborative platform

5 reasons to use a collaborative platform

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Posted by Benjamin Hermitte, on Wednesday 30 August 2023

In a team, collaboration is key to achieving the best results. When several people work together to achieve a common goal or project, they are much more effective and productive than one person alone. By pooling their skills, experience, know-how and ideas, they can find solutions more easily and solve problems more quickly.

With the rise of new technologies and the development of various applications, the world of work has changed significantly. Today, collaboration is facilitated by many tools that allow employees to work and communicate effectively, regardless of where they are located. The collaborative platform is one of these tools.

What is a collaborative platform?

A collaborative platform is a virtual workspace on with centralised tools, information and resources that a team needs to effectively manage a project. The aim of a collaborative platform is to promote teamwork and facilitate project monitoring and communication between team members (especially if they are geographically dispersed). All this contributes to improving the team’s performance and productivity on a daily basis.

To be productive and efficient, a collaborative platform has features that are essential for project management, such as

  • communication tools (instant messaging, video conferencing, etc.)
  • a task and resource manager,
  • a shared calendar,
  • a space for storing and sharing documents,
  • document co-creation and co-editing software,
  • monitoring and control tools,
  • access rights management,
  • an alert and notification system,

Today, more and more companies are choosing to adopt a collaborative platform to foster team collaboration. Discover the 5 reasons why you too should adopt a collaborative platform.

1. You don’t waste any more time

Are you tired of wasting time looking for documents? Are you wasting precious minutes juggling different tools all day long? Thanks to a collaborative platform, all this is over.

All your documents, files and work tools are stored in a single space that is easily accessible by all the people involved.

So there is no need to organise time-consuming meetings to approve a document. The project manager or client can comment directly via the collaborative platform. The project team can then rework the file instantly and have it validated in the process, saving everyone precious minutes. These minutes can then be spent on more important tasks.

On the collaborative platform, your employees can easily publish and share information, organise their tasks and discuss the project together. This way, in addition to saving time, you (almost) no longer need to print, which saves you paper and ink, and helps the environment!

2. You promote communication

Within a team, communication is essential to work efficiently, solve problems, foster creativity and innovation, share ideas, but also strengthen ties and develop a relationship of trust between employees.

The collaborative platform centralises all the communication tools that enable your employees to communicate easily with each other, at any time and wherever they are. In particular, they can exchange information live via chat or by organising a video conference, leave comments on a work document, share a file in a few clicks, etc.

In addition, the system of alerts and notifications informs you in real time about the progress of the project or the status of a task for which you are responsible or which impacts you directly. No more e-mails that are forgotten, lost or accidentally deleted. From now on, communication is smoother and easier.

3. You have access to all your data

At work, you have to create and process a large number of documents every day. It can therefore be easy to get lost in the many versions or to know where a particular file has been stored. With your collaboration platform, all your documents and project information are in one place. Everything is neatly organised and the search engine allows you to find it in a few clicks.

For your teleworkers, no more USB keys, they can easily find the documents they need directly on the platform.

In addition, you can manage the access rights of each project actor (project team members, customers, partners, suppliers, etc.), and thanks to versioning, you know that you are always working on the latest version of a document.

Finally, data security has become a major issue for collaborative platform providers like Wimi Armoured. They ensure the protection and confidentiality of your information, in particular through end-to-end encryption and multi-factor authentication.

4. You have all your tools at hand

The main advantage of a collaborative platform is that it allows you to have all your tools at your fingertips. Instant messaging, shared diary, co-editing software, reporting tools, you can manage your projects more efficiently without having to juggle between your different software because everything is centralised on the same platform.

This way, you and your employees save time and are more productive in managing your tasks and steering your projects.

5. You facilitate remote collaboration

Today, there are few teams where all employees work in the same office. Whether they are international or national teams, telecommuting or regularly travelling, remote working has become the norm in many companies in recent years. The collaborative platform is the ideal and indispensable tool to support this way of working and facilitate collaboration.

No matter how far away you are, you can interact with your team members at any time, as if they were in the office next door, using chat or video calls and screen sharing.

No matter where they are, employees can complete tasks, monitor project progress in real time, share ideas or communicate with colleagues. All they need to do is access the online collaboration platform or install it on their laptop, tablet and/or smartphone.

Why do you want to adopt a collaborative platform?

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