Security Policy: Sovereignty

Sovereignty of your data

Wimi is a completely French company that is not submitted to the US Patriot Act. As a SaaS product, we are hosted by a French hosting company and physically situated in metropolitan France.

Data Stored on French Soil

The data centers that host Wimi (SaaS) are located in metropolitan France. These data centers hold many certifications as well as a physical security system that is almost military-like.

French Hosting

As well as this, the company that owns and manages these data centers is French. The company is Online SAS (Illiad Group). The data centers currently used by Wimi are DC3 and DC5.

Information concerning the availability and the security of the data centers we use can be found at the following links:

DC3 – Data production center

DC5 – Data Backup center

Wimi, a 100% French solution

Wimi is developed by teams that are situated in Paris and in Sophia-Antipolis. Our technology partners are exclusively French.

Independant Company

Wimi is produced by Cloud Solutions SAS, a French, independent business.