Wimi – the alternative to Microsoft Project for better team collaboration

Join thousands of teams who prefer to centralize teamwork to make their organization more efficient.

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Why are our customers moving from Microsoft Project to Wimi?

Ditch the chaos of Microsoft Project for the clarity of Wimi


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Loss of information, context, and visibility

With Wimi, information is easily accessible, and you know who is doing what and when. No more doubts than certainties. Optimized success.

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Data security and sovereignty

With Wimi, you are not subject to extraterritorial laws that endanger the strategic data of your projects. Wimi is a 100% French solution.

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Multiplication of third-party tools and drop in productivity

With Wimi, you centralize all the work tools. No need to have 5 or 6 tabs open to manage your projects. Everything is thought for your success.

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Too rigid billing system

With Wimi, you only pay for what you consume. The duration of your subscription is adapted according to the number of active users.

Wimi centralizes everything you need
to work effectively as a team

Unified and secure workspaces including the following tools:

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gestion documents - Wimi

Document management
& co-publishing

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Task management
& Gantt

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appels videos - Wimi

Audio / video

gestion droits - Wimi

Access rights

Turn your projects into successes

Try Wimi for free and say goodbye to Asana.