Wimi for Communications Agencies

Projects organization and animation in agencies can be time-consuming. Wimi is an easy-to-use solution that facilitates projects management and improves communication within your organization and with partners and clients.

Using Wimi is easy and intuitive, you can:

  • Create a project workspace for a client or an activity,
  • Share in this workspace all your files and documents,
  • Track project progress and completion,
  • Plan meetings and share calendars with clients,
  • Find directly on you computer the latest version of your documents.

Wimi makes your teamwork easy and makes you saves you time.

Wimi is customizable and is a quality tool for your agency-client relationship.

Business Case – Communication Agencies

Wimi interviewed Grégoire Bourgeois and Christophe Arnoux, Deputy Managers for Influence at the Paris-based communications agency Terre de Sienne.

Christophe Arnoux and Grégoire Bourgeois are Deputy Managers at Terre de Sienne, a Paris-based corporate communications agency. The agency was created twenty years ago and advises mainly CAC40 and SBF120 listed companies. The agency, who currently employs forty people and external talents, is considered as one of the most creative and efficient communications agencies in Paris and is regularly awarded prizes for best digital communication, corporate communication, identityand print.

Both managers are developing the Influence branch of the agency, whose aim will be to design and support the influence strategy of executives.

What project collaboration challenges is your agency faced with?

Just as in any other consulting activity, we constantly interact with our clients. We often work offsite and most of us actually need to work from three different places:  at our office, at our clients offices as well as at home. Access to information is at all times absolutely key for efficient work, whether you are working alone or within a team.

We are also consistently juggling between our clients’ online tools and our own. Our main concern for project collaboration is to find a common workspace, which could fit with a variety of tools.

Third, we need to be able to share information and work together on a project with our clients. Being a communications agency, we specifically need each of our documents to be carefully outlaid and carry our visual identity. However, as they progressively become very heavy (any report quickly weighs around 50 Mo), it is virtually impossible to share them via email. We thus need one workspace to gather and have an easy access to all the relevant documents and information.

Our clients often request to see our previous works and Wimi allows us to access them at any time and to share them, regardless of how heavy they are.

We need to capitalize on what we produce on a daily basis. Each and everyone of us must be able to access our database in real time at any given time.

Why choose Wimi?

We weren’t using any online collaboration tool before the fall of 2015, although our team is forty strong and we constantly work with a dozen providers at the same time. As you may imagine, we are actually a cluster of a large number of collaborative projects. We set up both Office 365 and Wimi to cover all of our needs. Wimi’s access rights make it easier to manage our three kinds of stakeholders: our internal teams, our providers and our clients.

We had heard about Wimi and we knew that support was available. This is what made up our minds because we thought implementing a new software without support was very risky.

And we like the fact that Wimi is a French startup. Not really because of data security but because we like the idea that we are helping develop a French startup to develop.

The integration of Google Doc within Wimi also weighed in. It allows various contributors to work simultaneously on a document and find it with the rest of them. We organize every morning a ‘morning briefing’ with our teams. We spend 15 to 30 minutes sharing key information, news on our clients and explaining how the day will go. All of this is kept in a Google Doc that we save on our Wimi. It is a strong message which states collaboration as a principle: the whole team must have up-to-date information on the project.

Wimi Drive is a very useful functionality. We enjoy being able to gather all of our files in one place and organize them as we always do and navigating through the workspaces is made especially easy.

Last but not least, access rights allow us to manage everything from one single app. Not all files need to be shared with the whole team, as for instance business plans, budgets, human resources files… They are not shared with the rest of the team but are saved on our Wimi. Wimi allows us to manage granularity on one single app.

How does your organization benefit from Wimi?

The first advantage is streamlined communication. For instance, we increasingly use Wimi’s videoconferencing add-on. It’s great. It really changes the relationship with your client when you’re speaking to the right person. We also use screen sharing a lot.

For us, the main advantage is being able to easily share all of our documents. Wimi reduces the need for some emails and this really facilitates access to information.

Another advantage is how easy it is to use. Anyone instantly knows how to use it . Unlike SAP. People simply log on and it operates instantly. That’s important for consultants.

It also changed our corporate culture and the way we think of our teams. Normally when you write an email, you choose who you’re going to send it to: the main recipient, the order in which the other recipients appear, the Cc-ed… These codes imply that not everyone is granted the same level of information. They are sometimes useful but creating project teams leads to an actual positive change of culture, as everyone has the same level of information. It ‘opens’ the organization and that is positive. This tool is making us rethink our relationship to people.

However, we only use a fraction of the whole power of Wimi. Wimi is regularly improving and our teams are gradually mastering this tool which changes the way we work as teams.

I have noticed that we are more open and transparent with our clients, and Wimi has contributed to this. It is very much appreciated by our clients.

What advice would you give other actors in your sector?

Try Wimi and implement it to communicate with your clients! Organizations are still very late when it comes to collaborative tools. We try without conviction, we grope around… Yet we, at Terre de Sienne, bet that the pioneers will be rewarded, as well as those who understood the challenges early on and are set to face them.

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