The Wimi suite
alternative to Microsoft 365

Wimi has its own online office suite equivalent to Microsoft 365
In collaboration with thousands of companies that use the Wimi suite, we have ensured that each user familiar with the Microsoft 365 environment benefits from real added value. The Wimi suite, compatible with all file formats, helps teams work more efficiently and accomplish more, by having tools that are completely online and without installation.
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Add the project dimension to your office suite

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We use the Wimi online suite, our users are charmed. Wimi offers, in all simplicity, a very powerful tool serving as an alternative to Microsoft 365. I recommend using the Wimi online office suite

Cedric L.
CTO Sephora

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Unified Workspaces

A unified workspace for each project or activity — each workspace brings together your exchanges, files, Wimi Drive folders, tasks and synchronized calendars.
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One Organized Place for Everything

Centralize data & tools with Wimi. All your data is organized into unified workspaces where you can add users as well as external contributors.
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Effortless Insights on Projects

Zooming into a project has never been so easy. You have a comprehensive overview of every project going on without the need to ask anyone for updates.
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Simpler and Smarter

By using Wimi’s online office suite, you benefit from the same power as Microsoft 365 tools but in a project-oriented and intuitive environment.



la suite wimi online<br>

La suite bureautique en ligne de Wimi est gratuite et ne requiert aucune installation. Importez facilement les fichiers que vous souhaitez éditer via la suite Wimi.

Wimi drive

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Wimi has a drive to allow you to share all your Drive files directly from Wimi.


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Edit your files online in Wimi with a powerful office suite, compatible with all file formats and completely free.
The Wimi suite allows you to work together in real time on the same document