Wimi with
Microsoft 365

Wimi works well with Microsoft 365
Together with thousands of businesses using Wimi with Microsoft 365, we made sure to bring added value for every user working in this environment. Wimi integrations with Microsoft 365 help teams work faster and get more things done while benefiting from Microsoft’s most powerful tools. Collaboration is simple and more efficient for everyone.
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Add a project dimension to Microsoft 365!

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We use Wimi along with Microsoft 365, our users love it, there is no way we could go back any time soon. Wimi brings simplicity to a very powerful tool. I highly recommend using Wimi with Microsoft 365.

Cedric L.
CTO Sephora

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Unified Workspaces

A unified workspace for each project or activity — each unified workspace comes with communication tools, files, OneDrive folders, tasks and calendars synced with Microsoft 365.
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One Organized Place for Everything

Centralize data & tools with Wimi. All your data is organized into unified workspaces where you can add users as well as external contributors.
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Effortless Insights on Projects

Zooming into a project has never been so easy. You have a comprehensive overview of every project going on without the need to ask anyone for updates.
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Simpler and Smarter

By using Wimi with Microsoft 365, you can benefit from the power of Microsoft 365 tools in a project-centric and friendly environment.



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Users can sign into Wimi directly with their Office 365 profile. Import Microsoft 365 users you want to add to your Wimi.


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Wimi integrates with OneDrive so you can share all your files OneDrive files directly into Wimi.


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With your Skype ID added to your Wimi profile, team members can Skype you directly through Wimi.


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Coming soon

Edit files directly from Wimi with Office Online Suite: Word, Excel, Powerpoint and more.