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View the milestones, key dates and deadlines of your projects and activities with the Wimi online agenda

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The Wimi collaborative solution

In addition to channels, Wimi brings together many modules to facilitate collaboration within a team:
Chat Channels, Documents & Drive, Task Management, Video Conferencing, Communities, SecNumCloud, Free Guests, Security, Mobile Apps

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The advantages of Wimi

Share your schedules and calendars online to optimize your team’s schedule and available time

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Calendars and shared agendas

Wimi allows you to create shared online diaries for each of your projects. Robust, complete and flexible, the online shared agenda is easy to use and offers an overview of the key events of a project at a glance. Everyone is aware of project deadlines, milestones, and events, and your teams are moving in the same direction.

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Tenez informés votre équipe

Grâce aux notifications des agendas partagés, vos contributeurs sont au courant des échéances et événements clés du projet sur lequel ils travaillent. La communication au sein de vos équipes est claire et tout le monde dispose des informations essentielles du projet.

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Paramétrez des rappels

Pour chaque événement, vous pouvez choisir de lui associer des rappels (minutes, heures, jours, semaines) afin que tous les participants à l’événement reçoivent un rappel par email. Une aide idéale pour ne pas passer à côté des réunions et rendez-vous importants.

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Synchronize with Outlook

Perform an Outlook synchronization of your Wimi schedule to stay organized and up to date. Wimi Outlook Connector allows you to retrieve the agenda of the projects in which you are involved in Outlook. Adding or modifying an event on a Microsoft Outlook online calendar or on Wimi is immediately transferred to your synchronized devices and those of your collaborators.

Security and Sovereignty

Wimi guarantees the security and sovereignty of your data

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By choosing Wimi, you directly benefit from the best security practices recommended by ANSSI and you have a proven collaborative platform ensuring you an advanced level of technical and legal protection for your data.

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Wimi is a 100% French independent company, founded in Paris in 2010. Our SaaS solution is hosted by a French host and physically located in metropolitan France. We guarantee customers that none of their data will be accessed, transferred or processed outside the European Union.

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Pascal Marnay

Director of Financial Risks and

Tired of lost information in emails and files scattered across your network? Wimi is a collaboration tool that helps you get rid of all that. The organization in project mode makes it possible to centralize all the information. Using Wimi means less stress and more efficiency!

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Natalia Zapior Duque

Coordination manager
store opening

At first I was very skeptical about finding everything I needed, but following the migration I was reassured to see all the possibilities offered by Wimi. Today, we spend an average of two days less per project in each department.

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Claude Gout

Senior Exploration

Wimi is a solution that was recommended to me internally. I adopted it and I recommend it in my turn. Internally I was able to try Sharepoint, Box or even Microsoft Teams but none reached the level of a tool like Wimi which
combines functional richness and ease of use.

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