Work environment and Productivity

Work environment and Productivity

Productivité du travail
Posted by Alice Le, on Tuesday 9 May 2017, updated on Tuesday 29 November 2022



The work environment is one of the main factors influencing an employee’s productivity. It is often said that a happy employee is an effective one- and indeed, it has been verified! You must create a work environment which is healthy, pleasing and nice to work in. This article will explain to you why.

But what is a work environment?

A work environment is a term that refers to all the matter which influences an employee’s tasks and work ethic. It can also refer to security, hygiene, and amenities …

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What factors must be considered to improve productivity?

Many factors can influence an employee’s productivity. According to the study, 23% of workers think meetings are bad for their everyday work and 24% think noise pollution is. Moreover, 23% consider emails as a waste of time and 39% blame internet navigation.

Multitasking also reduces effectiveness. A good idea is to make a daily to-do list that will allow you to handle your tasks one by one. According to a study made by Halvor Gregusson, doing one task at a time allows you to be twice more productive.

As for emails, the time spent on them amounts to 28% of the total working time. This number is key and indeed proves emails are a real productivity loss. (Wimi can be a solution to this- by helping you reduce the time spent dealing with emails! Have a look at our solution!)

Social Medias are a distraction for any worker, as they interrupt and perturb their work- 35% of workers think that Social Medias make them less effective. Some companies even block Social Medias in their offices’ computers to avoid their employees from wasting too much time.

In Conclusion

All elements of the work environment can either influence your employee’s productivity positively and negatively. Providing a healthy, pleasing work environment can be the first step to making your team more efficient and productive.

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