The 10 best project management softwares

The 10 best project management softwares

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Posted by Benjamin Hermitte, on Wednesday 10 May 2023

To effectively manage a project from A to Z, which brings together several people, sometimes geographically dispersed, it is essential to use appropriate tools. Today, project management software has become an essential solution. This tool brings together on a single platform all the functionalities you and your team need to improve your productivity and manage all your projects in an efficient manner.

To help you make your choice, discover our comparison of the 10 best project management software currently available.

1. Wimi, a collaborative platform for successful projects

With Wimi, your team has everything it needs to define, assign and manage tasks, communicate effectively, share documents, track project progress and evaluate everyone’s performance. Wimi is a 100% French collaborative suite, perfect for managing your project with a masterful hand. Its advantage? It is the first sovereign collaborative platform that has launched its SecNumCloud and Cloud de Confiance qualification process. So, by choosing Wimi, you guarantee the protection of your data and those of your customers.

Wimi’s customers include Sephora, Vinci and the French National Assembly.

Key features

  • Unified workspaces for each project / activity.
  • A task manager.
  • Chat channels, video calling and screen sharing.
  • Shared calendars to track key events and project milestones
  • A reporting tool to measure your team’s performance.
  • Integration of your favourite applications and tools.


  • Packages start at €3 per user per month. Decreasing prices according to the number of users.
  • Special offers for students and associations.
  • Free 14-day trial.


2. Wrike, a versatile platform to exceed your goals

Wrike empowers your team to effectively manage their projects. This work management software promotes collaboration, facilitates communication, and improves productivity with a number of indispensable features. Wrike adapts to your organization’s needs, including customizable dashboards and process automation. You get 360° visibility on the progress of your project and are more efficient on a daily basis.

Hootsuite, Swarovski and DéLonghi Group are among the companies that rely on Wrike.

Key features

  • Shared workspaces for better communication and collaboration.
  • Simplified and customised configuration.
  • Gantt charts to visualize deadlines.
  • Predefined templates to manage your projects more easily.
  • Reporting tools to track the progress of your work.


  • A free version.
  • Paid packages from €10 per user per month.
  • 14-day free trial.

wrike 1 - Wimi

3. monday projects to collaborate on all types of projects offers monday projects to allow you to centralise and plan all your projects from start to finish on a single platform. With this project management software, you have all the tools you need to manage your various projects efficiently. With monday projects, you can gather and collaborate with all the actors of a project, assign tasks in one click, communicate changes in real time and make all your projects successful.

Deezer, Uber and Carrefour are just some of the companies that have chosen

Key features

  • Gantt charts to visualise the progress of your projects.
  • Dashboards that bring together all the information you need to make informed decisions.
  • A view of the distribution of work.
  • Integration of your most important tools.


  • A free individual version.
  • Rates from €9 per user per month.
  • Free trial.


4. Trello, a visual and efficient project management tool

With its lists, tables and cards, Trello makes it easy to manage your tasks and projects. This visual and customizable management tool allows your collaborators to manage all types of projects. You can organise your tasks, develop team spirit and improve your productivity with an efficient and easy-to-use solution. Trello adapts to your team’s working methods and gives you a clear view of the progress of your projects in the Kanban way.

Trello’s many customers include Grand Hyatt, Google and Visa.

Key features

  • The ability to view tasks and projects in different ways (table, timeline, calendar, etc.).
  • An integrated automation tool.
  • Previewing of attached files and adding comments to tables.
  • Creation of reminders and checklists so you don’t miss anything.
  • Integration with your favourite applications and tools.


  • A free version.
  • Paid packages from €5 per user per month.
  • Discounts for non-profit organisations and educational institutions.

trello new - Wimi

5. Zoho Projects, a complete solution for managing your projects

Careful planning of the various tasks to be accomplished is essential to the success of your projects. Software such as Zoho Projects helps you plan your projects, assign tasks, track your work efficiently and collaborate with your team members, wherever they are. With its user-friendly and customisable interface, Zoho Projects is intuitive and easy to use, and you can integrate the applications you already use every day. This tool allows you to increase your daily productivity and easily reach your goals.

Zoho Projects’ customers include companies such as Airbus, Stanford University and Dell.

Key Features

  • The ability to compare forecasts with actuals.
  • Use of Gantt charts and identification of critical paths.
  • Automation of certain tasks.
  • Timers and timesheets to better manage your time.
  • Tools to promote collaboration with your team (chat, forums, version control, etc.).


  • A free version for up to 3 users.
  • Paid packages from €5 per user per month.


6. Asana, a single platform to ensure that nothing is missed

Asana is a solution designed to manage all types of projects. This project management software helps teams to better organise their work so that everyone knows what to do, why and how. On Asana, you can find all the information you need, your documents and the tools you use every day on a single platform. You can organise your tasks by list, timeline or table, automate recurring activities and visualise your data in real time in the form of graphs so you know where you stand at a glance.

Leroy Merlin, Ikea and L’Oréal are among the companies that have decided to adopt Asana.

Key features

  • The ability to structure your work the way you want it.
  • Create custom project templates.
  • Automation of important actions in your processes through Rules.
  • Various reports to track your progress and measure your performance.
  • Link your business objectives to your activities.


  • A free version.
  • Paid packages from €10.99 per user per month.
  • 50% discount for non-profit organisations.


7. Microsoft Project, a popular project management solution

The American giant Microsoft has created its own project management solution called Microsoft Project. This tool is used to manage projects of all sizes and to optimise collaboration between teams, especially those working remotely. You are better organised and teamwork is smoother thanks to the distribution of tasks and workload. If you are already familiar with Microsoft tools, you will be familiar with the interface. In addition, Microsoft Project works with Microsoft Teams to facilitate the exchange and sharing of documents.

Key features

  • The creation of interactive dashboards.
  • The ability to create automated workflows.
  • Dynamic planning and co-authoring.
  • Link with Teams for file sharing, discussions, meetings, etc.
  • Multiple display modes to suit your preferences.


  • Three packages available from €8.40 per user per month.
  • Free one month trial (credit card required).

microsoft project

8. Gouti, an easy-to-use French tool

Whether you are an expert in project management or not, Gouti will help you succeed in all your projects. The aim of this project management tool is to provide project leaders and managers with a practical and efficient solution for planning, monitoring and controlling the progress of their projects with their teams. Gouti allows you to control your budget and your projects, and to set up a knowledge sharing process thanks to a set of essential functionalities.

EcoGreenEnergy, the department of Territoire de Belfort and Appart’City are some of Gouti’s customers.

Main features

  • A task manager.
  • Visualization of the project schedule in different ways (Gantt, Kanban, calendar, etc.).
  • Monitoring of variances between the forecast and the actual.
  • Project risk management using a severity index.
  • Creation of project templates to be used for each new project.


  • A limited free version to manage a single project.
  • A Premium package from €10.50 per month (with a one-month trial period) and an Enterprise package on request.


9. VisualProjet, an all-in-one project management software

In order to efficiently manage all your projects, whatever their size, you must opt for a tool that has all the essential project management features. This is the case with VisualProjet. Easy to use, this French project management software has all the necessary functions: multi-project management, planning, resource and budget management, time management, mind mapping, Gantt and Kanban, documentation, etc. With VisualProjet, you can visualise the workload and availability of your collaborators in order to organise the tasks to achieve your objectives in the best possible time.

VisualProjet customers include Dior, Michelin and Thales.

Main features

  • Creation of schedules in different ways (manual entry, Excel import, Kanban mode, mind mapping, etc.).
  • Gantt chart visualisation.
  • The ability to specify constraints for each task and to link tasks together.
  • Detailed monitoring and analysis of your projects (all tasks, time spent, costs, etc.).
  • The ability to compare projects with each other.


  • Lifetime license and pricing based on the number of users.
  • Individual licence from 390 € HT.
  • A downloadable demo version and a 30-day free trial (extension on request).

Visual project

10. FoxPlan, a French platform to manage your projects

FoxPlan project management software gives you a visual representation of all aspects of your projects: schedule, resources, budget, risks, etc. With this collaborative solution, you define the different stages, assign tasks and measure your delays. You plan the necessary resources, monitor the budget and time spent on each task, and make adjustments if necessary in real time. FoxPlan is an indispensable tool to help your projects of all sizes run smoothly and successfully.

Natixis, CCI France and Happy Chic are among the companies that trust FoxPlan.

Main features

  • Monitoring of objectives every month.
  • Creation of dependencies between linked projects.
  • Several project templates available.
  • Workload management between team members and several budget management features.
  • Visualisation of projects in Kanban, Scrum and traditional modes.


  • A free version for up to 3 users.
  • A paid version from 8 € per user per month.


To manage your projects effectively, i.e. to organise the smooth running of all tasks in order to achieve the objectives set within the deadlines, it is essential to use a project management software. Our comparison helps you to find the right collaborative solution for your needs in order to promote teamwork and improve your productivity. Don’t hesitate to take advantage of the free trials to test the tools before committing yourself.

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