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striking figures statistics about cybersecurity

Many see the explosion of the internet as the innovation of the century…but what’s the other side of the coin?

Without a doubt, the advent of the internet has brought about an exponential rise of cybercrime. Fraud, data theft, espionage, manipulation, viruses, etc… our data can be stolen and used …

David Galiana
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5 ideas to liven a team meeting up

5 ideas to liven a team meeting up

Team meetings are an essential way to bounce ideas off each other. Sadly, in most cases, they’re anything but productive. They drag, make people waste time and achieve very little.

As a result, most people either escape them or prefer to show up and check their emails and nap, without …

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essential problem solving methods

Life is far from easy. At work, it is rare for projects to be completed without any complications. Whether it be a computer bug, a supplier which provides faulty products, a client that changes their requirements, it is for you and your team to confront these problems of varying importance …

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project management methods

If you are interested in project management, you might have already come across different debates on the best methodologies to do this. Some of them fly high for a period of time then other old ones make a comeback. It’s pretty easy to lose track of them.

Better Scrum or …

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5 pieces of time tracking softwares

Good time management skills are vital in order to be productive at work. Everyone knows the saying “time is money” and no one wants to waste it!

The best way to find out if your team and you are cost-effective is timing each task. You would then be able to …

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eisenhower matrix

Prioritising your tasks at work is essential, but it’s still hard to do that correctly. So, you easily feel unproductive, struggle to pace your work and therefore end up taking extra hours to finish your tasks.

Moreover, not only does being unproductive affect the quality of your work, but it …

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team management styles successful projects

According to a study by Seton and OnePoll in March 2018, one in four French people have quit a job because of their manager. Lack of confidence, lack of motivation, infantilization, inefficiency, lack of creativity, the list goes on. Poor management can have disastrous effects on a team and the …

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ivy lee method simple organisation maximum success

Since we are not robots, being productive every day can be a real challenge. Surely, you’ve had one of those days in which you have no motivation and you feel like you can’t achieve anything. It’s then that you start regretting getting out of bed…

Although it might not seem …

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How will the Digital Workplace 2030 look like ?

digital workplace 2030

Change is apart of our daily life not only at home but also in our workplace. Transformations happen faster and are more important than ever before in this digital age. Managers and teams have to find the best solutions to improve their digital transformation process and adapt to new challenges.…

Valentine Euvrard
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The Key to a Successful Digital Transformation ? An efficient Team.

key successful digital transformation efficient team


Digital transformation is much more than just a technical transformation – it requires the complete involvement of all your team.

Over the last 15 years, marketing professional Bryson Duncan has observed the digital changes within organisations. He discovered that technology did not to cater for current teamwork and organisation …