Wimi is pleased to introduce its new V4 “Rocket” version with an optimized interface. Speed up your projects and increase productivity.

Thank you to all you Wimi users who have helped to improve the solution for the whole Wimi community!



Wimi “Rocket” includes more than 150 user-friendly and functional improvements to make Wimi the best tool for teamwork.



Flat design interface

Easy navigation and quick access to your project data



Instant preview of your documents

No need to download to view the content (compatible with Office and more than 40 file formats)



Real-time commenting

Facilitate project management



Wimi Drive even more efficient

Direct access to your files without the need to go through your browser, even offline


Online collaboration tool

Wimi is flexible and adaptable to your own development

Wimi is scalable to the number of users and storage system that you require.


Sign into your Wimi or create a Wimi now. Discover the new version and save valuable time every day.

When your business operates on the frontier of new technological developments it’s important to keep getting feedback; from different areas and with reference to the potential challenges that you may be facing. It’s particularly helpful to keep monitoring the opinions of thought leaders within the community.

One such thought leader is Joe McKendrick, one of the co-authors of the SOA Manifesto (Service Oriented Architecture) put out in 2009.

There are three key points to digest and think over from this article.

A couple of days ago he penned an article talking about some of the challenges facing cloud computing. He suggests that effective leadership is the vital ingredient in nurturing success from cloud-based collaboration tools.

1. “Cloud computing is great, but everyone is adopting it – so it’s not a differentiator by itself”

Technology innovation needs to be mirrored in transformations on the business side too

2. “Cloud can be disruptive”So make the changes incrementally.

Start with pilot experiments and try to get business leaders and IT leaders working together with common goals.

3. “It’s up to business to steer things in the right direction”

He uses an analogy from The Titanic in which he compares cloud technology to the engine room which despite functioning perfectly was unable to mitigate the leadership from steering the ship into an iceberg.


Further Reading:

Full article

SOA Manifesto

Here’s a provocative article from the guys at Accenture about how a maturing cloud can radically improve your productivity. At Wimi we’re excited to be part of this ongoing conversation.


There is some challenging commentary on what it will take for cloud technologies to become ‘gold medal winners’ in the near future.


I strongly recommend reading their article for yourself, but here are some of the points that struck me, ‘out of the box’.


For cloud to really maximise its productivity potential it must do three things:


1. Embed collaborative tech within business processes, not merely digitize old ones.


2. Develop new ways of working that can change  teams’ collaborative behaviours in new exciting ways.


3. Enable new, more flexible ways of hiring and collaborating with outside talent.



If you want something done, give it to a busy man.


This is one of my Dad’s many little sayings.  At first, I thought it was a neat-sounding phrase with limited truth value.  But ever since I heard it I’ve noticed that very often it holds true.

To really grasp the value of this idea I think it’s important to distinguish between Good Busy and Bad Busy.  Obviously, the point is not to overburden someone whose back is already breaking under the strain of their commitment.  However, there are people who manage to find the sweet spot of being Good Busy.  We’ve all met people like this, and really I think it’s as much about attitude as it is about actions.  My Mom is a great example of Good Busy.  When I started my first job in Paris she drove me all the way from our home in England with all my stuff, despite the fact that she was herself moving to Mumbai with the rest of the family only 2 days later!

So what does it take to be Good Busy?

Perhaps the first key thing is getting your priorities straight.  This sounds easy and we’ve all been told this before, but in practice it’s easy to get lost in the noise of everyday life.  I know I have a tendency to move from one task to the next without necessarily stopping and thinking about what is most important.  But if I stop for a moment to think — maybe in the shower in the morning, maybe walking the dog in the evening — it really helps me to think about all the things I have to do and then rank them by importance and urgency.  This is just as true at for your home life as it is for your work.

Increasingly though, this is becoming more complicated because the boundaries between our home lives and our work lives are disappearing.  This is a good but comes with its own challenges.  It’s good because it means we’re shifting away from some of the less productive aspects of the 9-5 culture, where you feel you need to sit in your seat for hours, but don’t necessarily accomplish much.  But the risk is that we end up being unable to switch off and tune out of work at home!  That’s why it’s so important to remember to prioritise and make sure that family or hobbies are given decent weighting in your priorities.

A vital part of Good Busy is having a healthy balance of priorities.  There’s a strong argument that making time for your interests or family will make you sharper and more productive in your work life too.  Maybe think about getting a new hobby.  Or why not teach your kids to sail or play chess.

As well as liberating you from the restraints of the desk-mentality, cloud technologies should help you to be more efficient in all areas of your life.  Technology is here to improve the quality of our lives, not just to make us more efficient units of production.  The real secret of the cloud is that it frees you up to be more flexible and effective in the way you use your time, and that’s what we’re most passionate about here at Wimi.


And that’s what we’re most passionate about here at Wimi.

Web Design Served features a small number of projects on the front of its gallery every day. They only promote the most creative and qualitative design work.

Special congrats to Tommy Roussel, our webdesigner, for his great work!

Web Design Served

Wimi has been selected by UBIFRANCE ICT sector as one of 15 of France’s most promising tech companies. As such Wimi has been invited to take part in the November 2013 French Tech Tour in China.

And it’s already going really well for Wimi. The company won its first victory in Beijing yesterday! Wimi gathered the biggest amount of votes from the most established names in China’s tech industry, beating all the companies that pitched that day!

We are very pleased with this victory and will let you know how things are going really soon.

Wimi at French Tech Tour China. Lionel Roux made the best pitch.
Last line: Wimi won the Oscar for best pitch with 70% in favor!   8-)

Paris Web
Just steps from our office in Paris, an event that Wimi didn’t want nor could miss:
Paris Web, the french conference of people who make the web!

We’ll be there*: we will of course assist to the lectures, and since in the middle of the effort some comfort can not hurt, some celebratory drinks with the “community” are in order on thursday evening. ;)

To those we’ll be happy to meet there, see you Thursday, then!
To the others, see you here very soon: as soon as we recover from our emotions, we’ll tell you what we discovered and shared…

* Three happy few (“band of front dev brothers”, would almost say Shakespeare’s Henry V) will represent us: Jérôme, Loïc & Nicolas.


We had the great opportunity to be selected and to participate in the French Tech Tour ( that was held in Silicon Valley from June 1st to 7th. Lionel Roux (CEO) and Baptiste Lacroix went to San Francisco and met with major actors of the Valley and participated to several events. We are proud to announce that the Wimi team has some great product integration in mind.

You use Evernote, Zendesk or Box? You would like to add your Evernote notes inside Wimi? That will be available in a few months.

Feel free to tell us which services you would like to see integrated further into Wimi!

Evernote office

Evernote’s office


We were fed up by France’s weather and a little concerned about our international expansion (I mean, a lot), so we are proud to announce that were are opening an office in San Francisco!

This new office will allow us to answer to North America’s growing demand for our teamwork solution. We observed that an increasing number of our new customers are coming from abroad, especially from North America.  USA is a top priority for us and we want to serve our customers the best we can, which means being able to talk to them anytime and answer their questions by the phone during office hours.

Our San Francisco office will welcome marketing and commercial staff in the coming months. This is a great news for our company that pursues its increase in the SMBs market. We are devoted to make Wimi the number one choice for SMBs when it comes to teamwork.

SF Office

SF Office

We are pleased to announce the release of Wimi 3.1 version, which offers multiple improvements and fixes minor bugs from the 3.0 version.

Improvements include an accelerated Wimi Drive synchronization algorithm, the introduction of a desktop notifications system to alert users when team members update project files, as well as an extended chat feature to facilitate communication amongst team members.