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Communicating with your employees is imperative so that the business is a success and functions well. Don’t forget that your employees are your most valuable resource given that today, it is almost impossible for a business to function without a strong workforce.

Your team is equally a reflection of your …

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Every one of our workdays is like a race against the clock. Time is a precious and elusive resource which tends to slip between our fingers. At the end of the day, we are too often frustrated at not having finished the tasks that we were responsible for in time. …

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7 laws time management more efficiency work

In project management, to be high performing and to succeed in all your projects, you need to be organised and productive, know how to effectively manage your time and anticipate risks.

Did you know that laws and principles exist which rule work life?

Here are 7 of them that you …

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Working remotely: how to ensure the best conditions for your employees?

working remotely

You’re worried about having your team geographically spread out? Some of your employees would like to work away from the office for a few days a month? In France, working from home, i.e. telecommuting, is becoming more and more popular, as revealed in the second edition of the research study …

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how digital transformation taking place local authorities

Today, we are living in the digital era. In daily life, at work and at home, everything is organised, prepared, ordered in one click via your smartphone, tablet or computer.

In the same way as the industrial revolution profoundly changed 19th century society, the digital transformation is changing our current …

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5 conferences events cybersecurity 2020

In today’s society, almost all the companies around the world are connected to the internet. Most of them use online software and their data is generally stored in the cloud, within easy reach of cybercriminals. For many years, cyberattacks have continued to increase in frequency and millions of data is …

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how integrate data security projects

In today’s society, cybercrime is a serious concern for all companies, no matter their size or their industry sector. Data destruction, theft, sabotage, economical or industrial espionage; cyberattacks often have disastrous consequences for companies. They halt production, result in data loss, impact your reputation and hinder development.

Cybercriminals are devising …

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Cyber-criminality continues to wreak havoc and hackers strive to trick internet users and businesses.

According to a survey carried out by the CESIN (Club of Experts in Data and Security Information) in November and December of 2018, 8 companies in 10 were affected by cyberattacks. Phishing mails are the most …

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end to end encryption

Faced with the threats of cybercrime, the respect of our private lives and the confidentiality of our data are constantly put at peril. IT software editors don’t stop stopping developing their ever more secure tools and solutions in order to protect your data from eventual attacks.

Over the past few …

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The dawning of the digital age has transformed our society. The Internet and the other new technologies have improved our day to day private life and, but they have also negatively impacted our professional life. Due to these changes, many companies are left vulnerable to the inventive attacks of cyber …