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the 5W1H method

At work, it is important to ask the right questions. In every situation, you should understand and evaluate each context, objectives and constraints. This detailed analysis of each fact allows you to approach a problem in the best possible way.

In order to achieve this methodical thinking, you should use …

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How to take meeting minutes ?

Meetings are unavoidable at work. Who doesn’t have a meeting at least once a week, or even once a day? If they can often be time-consuming and counter-productive, meetings remain an indispensable communication and collaboration tool that at the same time allows us to inform, exchange and decide.

However, in …

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raci matrix how to define roles and responsibilities project

To ensure that your project is a success, you must put your organisation on display, put in place effective management, define the roles and responsibilities of everybody in a clear and precise manner, have a motivated team and use high performing tools like Wimi.

When a project is launched, …

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how motivate team

Do you want to know the secret to task success? In one, it is to have a motivated and competent team. Human resource management is undoubtably the key to success in all business’ and in any sector. A motivated team can move mountains and accomplish anything. Equally, in a demotivated …

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How to organise documents on your computer

Are you fed up of wasting time looking for documents on your computer? Like the mountains of files piling up on your desk, digital files and documents pile up in the same way on your computer. And all this mess is detrimental to your productivity. How can you work efficiently …

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pieces advice improve well-being at work

Well-being and fulfilment are two very important concepts to consider in the workplace. More and more businesses recognize that positive and satisfied employees are more motivated, productive and are more likely to profoundly implicate themselves in their work.

Today, younger workers don’t hesitate to quit their job if there are …

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how to maintain balanced private and professional life

Work is not the only thing in life. Nowadays, the need to find the right balance between your private and professional life has become fundamental for a great number of people. In 2018, according to OPE’s survey on balance between professional, personal and family life, 92% of the French …

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10 mind mapping programs to boost creativity

mind mapping programs

Creativity and fresh ideas are vital to push, develop and make a company grow, but also to improve one’s work and productivity on a project.

Companies are always on the lookout for new perspectives. They love encouraging their colleagues to rack their brains and develop smart ideas which make their …

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pomodoro technique

Do you tend to fall into the trap of procrastination at work? Do you do a million things but in the end you don’t achieve a lot? Do you often have the impression of wasting your time? Do you hardly achieve the objectives you set yourself?

Is your work day …

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data room

Today, more and more companies are facing the issue of having to find secure low-cost solutions to store their confidential data.

Whether you need it for your every-day data or for an extraordinary situation (e.g. a fusion-acquisition project, an important financial transaction, etc…), a data room is an extremely secure …