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how integrate data security projects

In today’s society, cybercrime is a serious concern for all companies, no matter their size or their industry sector. Data destruction, theft, sabotage, economical or industrial espionage; cyberattacks often have disastrous consequences for companies. They halt production, result in data loss, impact your reputation and hinder development.

Cybercriminals are devising …

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Cyber-criminality continues to wreak havoc and hackers strive to trick internet users and businesses.

According to a survey carried out by the CESIN (Club of Experts in Data and Security Information) in November and December of 2018, 8 companies in 10 were affected by cyberattacks. Phishing mails are the most …

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end to end encryption

Faced with the threats of cybercrime, the respect of our private lives and the confidentiality of our data are constantly put at peril. IT software editors don’t stop stopping developing their ever more secure tools and solutions in order to protect your data from eventual attacks.

Over the past few …

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The dawning of the digital age has transformed our society. The Internet and the other new technologies have improved our day to day private life and, but they have also negatively impacted our professional life. Due to these changes, many companies are left vulnerable to the inventive attacks of cyber …

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digital sovereignty

The internet has profoundly changed our society: economically, socially and culturally. Up until recently, the question regarding the collection and usage of users’ personal data had not ever really been solved.

However, since the Snowden scandal and rise in cybercrime, this situation has evolved. Following a number of hacking scandals …

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8 websites cybersecurity have follow

In 2018, 67% of French companies would have been victims of a cyberattack and 81% reveal to being badly prepared to this danger. This was revealed by the Cyber report 2019 conducted by the insurance company Hiscox, who investigated around 5400 companies in 7 different countries (Germany, Belgium, France, USA, …

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5 erros cost creative agency money

We all make mistakes. Some are insignificant mistakes that go by almost unnoticed and some are more serious which make us lose money.

In the professional world, these missteps can cost us dearly, or even push some companies, all sizes and areas included, to go bust. Creative agencies are not …

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the eat that frog method

Have you ever noticed that you generally have two types of reactions when you’re overwhelmed by work and your list of tasks is never-ending:

  • You tackle the smaller tasks in order to feel like you’re doing something and are moving forward.
  • You procrastinate, you surf the Internet, you answer emails
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Today, cybersecurity is a major worldwide issue, and everybody is concerned: from individuals to businesses as well as government institutions.

With the explosion of the internet and digital transformation, tons of personal data, which is often confidential (financial information, client details, intellectual property, etc.) is now available online. But that …

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the 5W1H method

At work, it is important to ask the right questions. In every situation, you should understand and evaluate each context, objectives and constraints. This detailed analysis of each fact allows you to approach a problem in the best possible way.

In order to achieve this methodical thinking, you should use …