10 data security measures for your company



Data security is a big deal for any company. Indeed, there was an average of 200,000 cyber-attacks per day in 2016 and the numbers are increasing day by day. One breach could deeply harm your business, and this was indeed verified with the global cyber attacks of May 2017 that reached 200,000 victims in at least 150 countries.

Keeping your Data safe should be a priority for your company. So to help you with that, here are the best 10 Data Security measures you can adopt for your company and perhaps, even yourself!

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well-being at work



Well-being at work is essential. Many factors influence it so it is necessary to know them- indeed, once you consider them, you will improve your employees’ work conditions. In fact, a happy worker is 12% more productive compared to an unhappy worker who is 10% less productive.

well-being at work infographic

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article maddyness wimi



In April, Maddyness, a French startup news magazine published an article: “Facing Patriot Act, the Wimi solution seduces big companies, including Sephora”. To share the news with you, here is a summary.

Wimi was established in 2010 by Lionel Roux, who wanted to offer an adapted tool that re-thought the ways of working and communicating. Having succeeded in raising 2,5 million euros since its creation, the startup holds its expertise in productivity tools. Consequently, Wimi has managed to seduce over 50,000 companies, including big clients such as Total, Shazam, Tesla, Bank of France and Intel.

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When your company was born before the digital age, it faces many challenges to transform and improve the way of working your employees have. With new ways of communication, new tools, new technologies, new usages, it can get difficult to pinpoint the stakes and the possibilities, which are always evolving.

Digital is like a leap! And yes, you must jump! So here are the top 4 challenges you will face.

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The work environment is one of the main factors influencing an employee’s productivity. It is often said that a happy employee is an effective one- and indeed, it has been verified! You must create a work environment which is healthy, pleasing and nice to work in. This article will explain to you why.

But what is a work environment?

A work environment is a term that refers to all the matter which influences an employee’s tasks and work ethic. It can also refer to security, hygiene, and amenities …

infographic work environment and productivity

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More and more companies across the world are using telecommuting for their employees.

Employees are likely to enjoy telecommuting because they are less stressed and are given more responsibilities. Furthermore they spent less time on transports, have less gas and transit costs.

One thing managers and directors fear is that if their employees are not supervised, they will work less. But the statistics prove that wrong: telecommuting can increase productivity up to 40 percent and reduce turnover.

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The technology website OMG!HOWTO recently published a thorough test and positive review of Wimi. OMG!HOWTO covers the latest news from the tech world and offers advice and tutorial to tech and app users. Thank you Judy, author of the article for your interest in Wimi.

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Wimi is proud to rank number 7 in GetApp’s new quarterly report of the Top 25 Products in Project Management and number 8 for Project Collaboration. Read more

Wimi à l’édition 2015 de la New York Business Expo.